Type of Fan

Today, there are numerous type of fan available in the market depending on their size, installation method and in looks. Base on this we have classified fan in some categories.

1) Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling fan is one of the type of fan and the name suggests that it is installed at ceiling. Several option available in market, depending on the installation height of the ceiling from ground. The different types of ceiling fans are given below—

Flush Mount

Flush Mount

A flush mount application is meant for rooms wherever the ceiling height is a less than eight feet. These low-profile ceiling fans install flush against the ceiling, permitting the blades to maintain seven feet from top of the ground. There is no house between the ceiling fan’s motor housing and the ceiling, creating it a perfect alternative for smaller urban areas, as well as residences and condos.


standard ceiling fan

A standard installation is applicable for rooms where the ceiling height is 8 feet to 10 feet. A 3 to 5 inches of downrod is installed between the ceiling canopy and fan. The space between the  ceiling fan and ceiling allows for more air circulation and increases fan efficiency Ceiling Fans with Downrods.

It is a good idea to add longer downrods to your ceiling fan for the rooms which having high ceilings. This is an ideal configuration for tall rooms, lofts and expansive entryways with noticeably tall ceilings help to cool room sufficiently. Meanwhile, you need to double check that the included downrod length is enough for your space.


Sloped Ceiling fan

If your ceiling fan is not completely flat, then in that situation you will need a sloped ceiling fan adapter. In present time, most ceiling fans come with a ceiling mount that can work with ceiling slope or pitch up to a certain degree and this varies by manufacturer.

Size of Ceiling Fan

This is the important factor to know before buying fan. The chart of ceiling fan size is sharing below-

size of fan.jpg

2) Table Fan(type of fan):

Table fan

Table fans are small, light and versatile in type of fan section. When using a table fan, you need to have enough clearance around the fan, because it is moving left and right. You can keep it on any countertop or table or floor according to your convenient. In case of safety, they are not advisable, if have child around in your home. It can able to cool area in 180 degree.  Instead of pushing it down, they circulate air and move it outward. Types of table fan are more limited in design and they come in a range of colors and materials.

Table fans have edge in terms of features, such as adjustable heights and oscillation. You can prefer plastic blade instead of metal for sake of safety. Click on button mention below to find the different type of table fan.

3) Pedestal Fan(type of fan):

Pedestal Fan

Fans mounted on stand and more effective than table fan. It can cool a room quickly. It moves in 180 degree and capable of cover more area than table fan. The working principle and features are almost same as table fan. Even it is not advisable for home having child around.

4) Tower Fan(type of fan):

tower fan

Tower fan houses one or more rotating fan units in a portable enclosure to generate a vertical air flow. A tower fan is a tall, like tower and has inlets on the side to pull air. Tower fans blow air at a 90-degree angle and capable of cover a wider area. You take an advantage of air purification along with cooling effect in most tower fans, hence it comes with a basic dust filter as well.

Tower fans are more compact in design and occupy less space due to their simpler mechanism. It is portable, power saving and having other trending function like remote control, timer etc.

5) Wall Fan(type of fan):

wall fan

Wall fans are mounted on wall and able to cool large space than table fan. While they are similar to table fan in size and function, but they are versatile in application. They are not occupying any space like table or pedestal fan. Even they are more safety, noiseless and having detachable frame.

6) Exhaust Fan(type of fan):

Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan help to disappear odors, fumes, heat and particle from room. It is inserted on wall by making hole of fan size. Normally it is used in kitchen to dispel fumes and odors. It works on the principle of sucking air from inside room and throw outside room. Now a days you will get many type of exhaust fan in market in size, material and colors.

In looks, it is ordinary and not highly equipped with modern technology. It is noisy and need to clean its blade frequently to retain its performance better. Click on the button below to more about exhaust fan ceiling type online.


This article will help you in differentiate the type of fan. This is informative and complete page of type of fan. So by keeping this in your mind, choose your type. To go into deep of knowledge of FAN click on Fan buying guide.


Q-Best fan to buy in India?

A– Please read the above article to choose your type of fan. Even to find the best 10 ceiling fan in India click here.

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