How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

The oxygen concentrator or an oxygen generator is a one of the medical equipment that can help a person who is suffering from oxygen shortage and is unable to breathe properly. In this Coronavirus pandemic many people are died due COVID-19 virus infection on the respiratory system in the body and many people suffering from breathing issues at the onset. Due to crisis in oxygen cylinder and uneasiness of getting immediate medical assistance and getting to a hospital, certain people might get a slight respite in breathing from an oxygen concentrator at home. Read this article How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work step by step.

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What is an oxygen concentrator?

how does an oxygen generator work

Normally the percentage of oxygen in our atmosphere is only 21% and rest of nitrogen 78% and other gases 1%. An oxygen concentrator is an instrument that can compress the air and concentrate air by absorbing the nitrogen and other gases, deliver a 92% to 95% continuous flow of pure oxygen. The oxygen in the concentrator is used to treat or cure any of the problems that include a deficiency in the lungs, pulmonary edema, or surgical or medical procedures.

Why do I need an oxygen concentrator?

The utilization of an Oxygen Concentrator is exhorted just when an individual requirements supplemental oxygen because of low oxygen level in the blood. This ought not act naturally analyzed and should be controlled by a certified clinical expert. The clinical expert will screen your blood oxygen levels, perhaps utilizing a gadget known as Pulse Oximeter. On the off chance that they notice that your SpO2, or Oxygen Saturation, is beneath 95%, they may suggest supplemental oxygen. The expert will likewise make reference to how habitually or for how long you need to oversee supplemental Oxygen. Even after you have been endorsed supplemental oxygen, you need to decide if you need an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen chamber.

Before using oxygen from oxygen concentrator you need the flow rate of oxygen by consulting your doctor.

How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?   

The 5 Step to summarized the Oxygen Concentrator Process.

1. Takes air from the room.
2. Compresses the oxygen.
3. Takes out nitrogen from the air.
4. Adjusts the way the air is delivered.
5. Delivers the purified air.

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Oxygen concentrators use the surrounding atmosphere to create oxygen-rich air by sucking in the surrounding air and compress air to purify by removing nitrogen and other impurities. An oxygen concentrator is an air compressor that has a compressor, heat exchanger, surge tank, control circuit, humidifier, and gas pump with two cylinders filled with zeolite pellets and in which the pressure is balanced by a reservoir of valves and tubes. It sucks in air, extracts its nitrogen and leaves behind oxygen-enriched gas, which is often used by people in need of medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in the blood.   

The compressor constantly changes between the two sieve beds to ensure a continuous flow of air through the machine. The compressor compresses the air further into the first molecular sieve bed until it is saturated and filled with nitrogen. The compressed air then enters the first sieve bed, where the nitrogen is removed and the oxygen is forced back into the tank.   

The oxygen concentrator compresses the air and passes it through the porous zeolite, whereby it adsorbs nitrogen from the air. The concentrator collects the remaining gases (oxygen and nitrogen) desorbed by the zeolites and reduces the pressure in the vent.   

It takes some time for the oxygen concentrator to start cycling through the correct air concentration. In order to replenish the compressed air, the concentrator needs access to electricity and air. It is a two-cylinder air compressor filled with zeolite pellets, the pressure of which is equalized by a reservoir of valves and hoses. To get continuous pure oxygen it relays on batteries or electrical energy to filter the air and oxygen flow.   

The classic oxygen concentrator uses a two-bed molecular sieve, but newer concentrators use a multi-bed molecular sieve. The two sieve beds work together to release oxygen to the cannula connected tank to release nitrogen and create a continuous loop that continuously produces fresh oxygen.   

Where should I place the oxygen concentrator?

An oxygen contractor can be placed anywhere inside house, but keep in mind that you need a least 1 feet air circulation gap between machine and any other items. Since there is only about 1 / 2 ft of space between the air intake of the oxygen concentrator and the compressor, the concentrator needs space to absorb a sufficient amount of room air to concentrate pure oxygen into the device. If there is not enough distance between the air intake and the concentrator, it will not be able to absorb enough ambient air to supply sufficient oxygen.  

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If you find yourself in a similar situation and suffer from COPD or Asthma, you should definitely consider getting an oxygen concentrator. Not just for the obvious reasons, such as giving your loved ones the breathing facilities, but also because oxygen is expensive. In a household, where the people taking care of you are the most important things in the world, it’s essential to keep them healthy. Apart from ensuring that you can breathe normally, the supply of oxygen will provide you the crucial treatment and healing that is needed to regain your health. It’s a reasonable investment for you to make, especially when you consider the hard earned money that you’ve spent on your airways.

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Q:- When should we use an oxygen concentrator?

A:- Mainly oxygen concentrator is preferable for them whose body oxygen level is not below 85% and consult with the doctor first.

To prevent further deterioration: Since COVID-19 is a lung disease, it can be treated in stages and the symptoms of the disease change. If the person with the disease is not able to breathe correctly, it might lead to breathing problems, which can result in pneumonia. Since pneumonia is the cause of the development of the respiratory infection in the first place, getting a breathing machine right away can reduce further deterioration of the body.

For a complete recovery: In cases where the patient is suffering from extreme breathlessness, it might seem as if a respiratory infection is developing even before there is any visible bacterial infection in the body.

Q:- Do oxygen concentrators truly work?

A:- Oxygen Concentrators filter and produce clinical evaluation oxygen, at a boundless stockpile inasmuch as the battery that powers this instrument has life. The lone distinction is that a concentrator cleans the air and makes it accessible for patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood.

Q:- How many hours is an oxygen concentrator good for?

A:- Concentrators are moveable and need no unique temperature to work. While oxygen chambers can run out of oxygen and should be topped off, a concentrator won’t ever run out of oxygen, insofar as force supply for the unit is accessible. Oxygen concentrators can deliver oxygen 24 hours and most recent five years or more.

Q:- Does an oxygen concentrator produce pure oxygen?

A:- Please read the above article.

Q:- Does using oxygen make your lungs weaker?

A:- Lamentably, breathing 100% oxygen for significant stretches of time can cause changes in the lungs, which are conceivably unsafe. Specialists accept that by bringing down the grouping of oxygen treatment to 40% patients can get it for longer timeframes without the danger of results.

Q:- What happens if your oxygen concentrator is set too high?

A:- Oxygen poisonousness is lung harm that occurs from taking in an excessive amount of extra (supplemental) oxygen. It’s additionally called oxygen harming. It can raise hacking and ruckus relaxing. In serious cases it can even reason demise.

Q:- What are the side effects of being on oxygen?

A:- Oxygen treatment is by and large protected, yet it can cause results. They incorporate a dry or bleeding nose, sluggishness, and morning migraines. Oxygen represents a fire hazard, so you ought to never smoke or utilize combustible materials when utilizing oxygen.

Q:- Do you need a prescription for an oxygen concentrator?

A:- Oxygen concentrators are clinical gadgets needed to be sold and utilized uniquely with a solution. You ought not to utilize an oxygen concentrator at home except if it has been endorsed by a medical services supplier. Giving yourself oxygen without conversing with a specialist initially may accomplish more mischief than anything.

Q:- How do o2 concentrators work?

A:- Read the above article.

Q:- How do portable oxygen machines work?

A:-Portable oxygen concentrator works in same principle of other oxygen concentrator. Here’s how an oxygen concentrator works: 1) Device draws in air from around you 2) Air is compressed inside device 3) Nitrogen is filtered out of the air and 4)Pure oxygen is inhaled through nasal tube (cannula) or mask. Whether you are in at the park, on a plane or your living room, portable oxygen concentrators can continuously complete this process.

Q:- How does a sieve bed filter work?

A:- The compressor compresses outside air and that is filtered into the concentrator, then delivers the air in a continuous stream. After that the compressed air moves to the both sieve bed filters. When the first sieve bed filter filled up with nitrogen gas, then the gas flow is switched. The compressed air is moved to the second sieve bed.

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