How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

How Does an Oxygen Concentrator Work?

The oxygen concentrator or an oxygen generator is a one of the medical equipment that can help a person who is suffering from oxygen shortage and is unable to breathe properly. In this Coronavirus pandemic many people are died due COVID-19 virus infection on the respiratory system in the body and many people suffering from … Read more

10 Best Submersible Pump

best submersible pump

Submersible pumps are sealed in an airtight chamber pump that is completely submerged in water. The submersible pumps are divided into two types open well and borewell pumps.  We have discussed about borewell pumps “Best submersible pump for borewell” elaborately.  Now come to point open well submersible pump- it consist of an AC electric motor, … Read more

Best Submersible Pump for Borewell

best submersible pump for borewell

In India water scarcity has been an issue for decades and even worse day by day with an increase in housing and industry.  For the incense, the ground level water is decreasing step by step. So in this scenario, borewells are a necessity to keep your water supply needs to be fulfilled. This pump will … Read more

Best Hand Sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer

Washing hands or sanitize hand is first step to prevent you and your family from Germs, Bacteria and virus. I think you were hearing in your childhood that wash your hands and foot before entering home, before going to bed and before eating food from your Grandparents and parents. So have some ideas where you … Read more

Top 10 Water Pumps in India

best water pump

Water as a resource is turning into scarce day by day in urban similarly within the villages. With the exception of getting used in home for drinking and cookery, water encompasses a host of different use in industries of every kind.  Majority of water consumption in cities and even in rural areas relies on groundwater. … Read more

Top 10 Ceiling Fan in India

top 10 ceiling fan in India

India could be a country situated within the tropical regions, the demand for power saving ceiling fans has continuously been high. As a result, the marketplace for prime rated ceiling fans could be a well-established trade and has been growing steady over the past few decades. Ceiling fans are on the market for therefore more … Read more

Type of Fan

Type of fan

Today, there are numerous type of fan available in the market depending on their size, installation method and in looks. Base on this we have classified fan in some categories. 1) Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fan is one of the type of fan and the name suggests that it is installed at ceiling. Several option available … Read more

Fan Buying Guide India

fan buying guide

The most effective and cost-less way to keep yourself cool is fan, which we have seen most of in our home, office, hotel and commercial places. So you need to check this Fan Buying Guide India in this article. Fans circulate the air and maintaining fresh breeze that cools an area as well as keeps … Read more

Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner [7 Points]

air cooler vs air conditioner

If you are planning about purchasing an air cooler rather than an air conditioner, you’ve come to the right place. Fighting the summer is kind of troublesome and uneasiness. Shopping for cooling system or Air Cooler is incredibly sensible choices within the summer. Choosing the proper air cooling device is very confusing, as each Air conditioner and Air coolers have pros and cons. I hope this article (Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner)  can assist you to determine the … Read more

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