Best UV Sanitizer in India

In this article you will get the complete knowledge of best UV sanitizer in india 2021 . Human beings are easy target of germs, bacteria, virus etc. In recent time,Corona Virus deeply harmed the human society all over the world. Many people are affected, many are died, people are getting financially weaken and world economy is collapsed.  Time to time our society is affected by virus like EBOLA, MRSA, H1N1 and recently Corona.

So to keep our family and society safe from these kinds of deadly viruses, germs and bacteria, we need to take some important precautions. We have to maintain our good hygiene, society and house hold item should be clean and need to sanitize in frequent interval of time.

It’s not an easy task to wash our hands and sanitize our daily needed item by liquid chemical sanitizer by spraying or wiping. It may cause fatal on your skin or may damage your expensive electronics items. So, to get rid of this we need to have an alternate route to sanitize and that is UV sanitizer, which is very easy and effective. In below, you get the vast knowledge about best uv sanitizer.

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UV technology (uv light disinfection) is one of the oldest and even important technologies in the world. UV means “ultra violet” ray which is used in this technology to apply in different field for different purposes. The sun ray is containing ultra violet rays and is able to disinfect the bacteria and viruses.However, the same principle is uses in this technology.

UV is a spectrum of light which is not visible to the human eye. The UV is divided into 4 parts- VUV spectrum (100 – 200 nm), UVC spectrum (200 – 280 nm), UVB spectrum (280 – 315 nm), and UVA spectrum (315 -400 nm). The effect of these rays are-

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UV-A: It results in skin tanning and is used in medicine to treat certain skin disorders.
UV-B: It has a very high penetrating ability and results in sunburn. Its exposure is responsible for some types of skin disease, skin ageing and cataracts.
UV-C: The penetration ability is low and almost completely absorbed by the outer and dead layer of your body skin where it does little harm.

What is UV-C Technology?

The UV-C spectrum is known as the germicidal spectrum. It is the region that contains the peak germicidal wavelength. UV-C light is very effective and strong ray to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. It has spectrum 200 nanometer to 280nanometer.

It is designed in a special bulb and it emits UV-C rays to destroy virus, germs and bacteria. By the use of UV-C technology it is possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within a second. Therefore, it is doing that work you without addition of chemicals, without harmful side effects, inexpensively, highly efficiently and absolutely reliably.

How does uv sanitizer work?

UV light is a powerful disinfection tool against many harmful bacteria mold, viruses, and spores. Using UV light is one of the most effective and safest and sanitizing the COVID 19 coronavirus as it does not require any contact with the surface or object.

But how do uv light sanitizers work and how does it safe compare to using traditional liquid based cleaning or sanitation. Hence, the UVC range which covers wavelengths ranging from between 200 nanometers and 280 nanometers is capable of eliminating bacteria, mold, viruses and spores including the coVId-19 corona virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome ecoli yeast and more.

The UVC light works by targeting the DNA of the microbe and germs. By exposing to the UVC light, causes thymine dimers to form in the DNA and damage starts to accumulate inside the DNA. As a result of the dimers, these cellular mutations negatively affect on growth and the risk of non repair increases eventually. The damage becomes too effective and the cell dies, thus DNA replication is stopped which reduces infection or the spread rate of the virus.

UVC light has been tested as an effective solution against a myriad of viruses according to an article published in Journal of biological methods SARS caused by the corona virus is eliminated through exposure to 254 nanometer range UV light . The U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine published the UVC light deactivated Emmy RS CoV within five to ten minutes of exposure.

When it comes to the latest outbreak of CoVID 19, UV light has been confirmed to be effective in eliminating the virus by an environmental health scientist at Emory University “wanly” and dr.lena sirak an associate professor at University College of London UVC treatment is already proven to work on previous strains of the corona virus.

Therefore it makes sense for the light to be used to give CoVID 19 best practices unlike liquid cleaning agents no contact with the surface or device is required. You can use area or equipment immediately after disinfection by UVC light.

Benefit of UV-C Technology or uv light benefits:

air sterilizer

There are many benefits of uv sanitizer. The benefits of UV-C technology or ultraviolet light are mention below:

  • Effective for all types of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.  
  • No disinfection by-products (DBPs) formed
  • Operating cost is low
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Radiation is not able penetrate skin, so its safe.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • HACCP compliance

Application of UV sanitizer or UV-C Technology:

Food Processors

  • Extended product shelf life
  • Reduced spoilage and wastage
  • UV light food sterilization
  • Improved product quality & reduced contamination
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Improved production and logistical efficiencies
  • Products retain freshness, glittered for longer
  • Reduce the use of chemicals, heat treatment, additives and preservatives
  • Water Purify


  • Reduction in hospital acquired infections
  • Reduced cross contamination, hospital stays, liability
  • Significant energy savings
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

Facilities Management

  • Significant reduction of airborne contaminations and rapidly improved air quality
  • Reduced energy consumption of HVAC systems.
  • Reduced muscular ailments and respiratory within populated environments

HVAC / Refrigeration

  • Reduced capital & operating costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduction or elimination of costly cleaning programs
  • Removal of the use of harmful chemicals and disinfectants

Best UV Sanitizer :

Here you have the most desirable list of best uv sanitizer online India in present market, which help you stay protect from unwanted virus(CORONA), germs etc.

1)AIE 45 Watts UVC Digital UV Disinfection Chamber (60 liters Workable Capacity)(Most trusted best uv sterilizer box India)

best uv sanitizer in india


  • SPECTRUM USED : UV-C Spectrum having 254 nm wavelength for better sterilization.
  • WATTAGE of UVC LAMPS – 45 WATTS CE Marked UVC Lamp we have used for better life span
  • DISPLAY : Digital LCD display we have provided for better accuracy
  • INNER CHAMBER : Complete Inner Mirror Finish Stainless Steel For Exposure From All The Sides.Double-Walled Construction . & with 3 Stainless Steel Trays
  • SAFETY FEATURE : Automatically lights get off if door is opened during sterilization.
  • Best uv sterilizer box India or cabinet or chamber. Even can use as a best uv sanitizer for covid.

Pros: 1. Easy to use by anyone.
2. Build quality is good.
3. Chamber is sturdy and complete inner stainless steel and high power uv.
4. Much effective in covid.
5. Lots of space for large items.
6. Multipurpose for laptop bag, vegetable, small items.
7. Good for chemical free sensitization.
8. Value for money.

Cons: Not found.

2)Orient Electric UV Sanitech One Touch Sanitization/Sterilization Box – Kills 99.99% Germs in 4 Minutes. Tested and Certified at NABL accredited lab (Made in India, 34 litres, Silver)(Our choice as a best uv light sanitizer)

Orient 1


  • Kills Germs: Orient UV-Sanitech kills 99.99% pathogens in just 4 MINUTES by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA
  • How UV Sanitech Works: Generates UV-C rays in germicidal wavelength of 254 nm which is most effective in sanitization process
  • One Touch Sanitization/Sterilization: The pre-set timer ensures the exact duration of 4 minutes exposure so that the light source generates adequate UV germicidal irradiation to kill the bacteria and viruses
  • 100% Safe & reliable: Compact & robust powder coated metal body, with safety switch and gasket for UVC containment. It has been tested and certified at an NABL accredited lab
  • 360 degree sanitization/Sterilization: It uses two UV lamps of 11 Watts placed diagonally with surround reflectivity ensuring uniform 360 degree irradiation ensuring 99.99% efficacy
  • Product Design: Designed considering 3 main factors, energy applied which is affected by UV-C exposure time and distance from light source, maximum surface exposure, safety & convenience in operation
  • Capacity: It is large in size and has 34-litres capacity to accommodate different types of objects of daily use
  • Country of Origin: Made in India. Round-the-clock after sales service support across India
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on product & 6 months warranty on UV-C lamps
  • Power consumption: 25 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 – 240 volts
  • Includes: Main unit, 2 Units of Inbuilt 11W UV lamps, 1 Unit of Mild Steel grill tray
  • Check the uv sterilizer box price in india below.

Pros: 1. Easy to use by anyone in your family.
2. Very low power consumption.
3. Lightweight only 12 kg.
4. Much effective in covid.
5. Lots of space.
6. Versatile for all items.
7. Good for chemical free sensitization.

Cons: 1. Absence of buzzer for indication of scan.
2. Little overpriced.

3) Philips UV sanitizer box | IISc/Boston University and Intertek Certified for efficacy of 99.99% Germs within Minute , No leakage and Uniform Coverage | best uv light sanitizer box

uv light sanitizer


  • Capacity: 30 Litres
  • Disinfects 99.99% Germs
  • Includes: 1 Disinfection Box ( containing 2 nos 8w UV Lamp & 1 nos Tray) + 1 Free 9-Watt LED Smart Wi-fi Bulb
  • 1 year on site warranty on Disinfection unit at select locations (UV-C Lamps is not covered). List of serviceable cities can be viewed in the last image.
  • User Manual included

Pros: 1. Easy to use.
2. Good for chemical free sensitization.
3. Versatile for all items.

Cons: 1. Not spacious for large items.
2. Price is high in this build quality.

4)Godrej Security Solutions UV Case ( uv sterilizer box for currency)

godrej currency sanitizer box


  • It receives certifications received from CSIR, an (ICMR) approved laboratory)
  • Kills 99.9% Viruses & Germs
  • UV-C Light based Sanitization Process
  • Disinfection & Decontamination from Bacteria & Viruses
  • “Certified 11W UV-C Tubes last up to 11000 Hrs Usable Life)
  • Chemical Free Process. Prevents Surface to Human Transmission
  • Prevents harmful UV-C Light leakage
  • Provides Uniform exposure with 6 aluminium reflective surfaces
  • Auto cut-off feature for added safety
  • Ergonomic Design with Convenient Pull –Out Tray and Front Loading
  • Best uv currency sterilizer for vegetable, paper, musk, bag etc.

Pros: 1. Certified by CSIR and ICMR

2. Ergonomic design

3. Auto cut-off for safety

4. Best quality and sturdy 

Cons: Not found yet

5)LEDVANCE Black UV disinfection lamp | uv germicidal lamp

best uv sanitizer box


  • 360°wider UV light can kill the bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold more efficiently. Uv can spread over every corner, can purify air. Provide a healthier living environment to your family.
  • Ultraviolet ray can kill the microorganism by destroying microbial DNA and RNA. suitable for many occasions small space like car, bedroom(mattresses, pillows), kitchen(cupboard, washing basin), shoes cabinet, washing room, baby’s room, pet house, toilet, much more space you desire to purify.
  • Lamp install and use, do not use too much force. Hand grasp the lamp and screw it into the socket .
  • When cleaning the UV lamp, cut off the power and use a clean, soft cloth or alcohol graze hanged gasoline and other organic solution to wipe.
  • Please see the image and follow The Instructions for Using the Lamp. How to Use is mentioned in the images please read it carefully.
  • Best uv light sanitizer for room disinfection, food, phone and other household items or best uv room sterilizer.

Pros: 1. No installation required, easily movable, can be used anywhere.
2. Comes with remote controlled operations for ease of use.
3. Just 30 minutes and the room is virus and germs free.
4. Great value for money.
5. Scan any size of items.

Cons: Not found

6) Sani-Lite UV Light Sanitizer Wand Ultra Powerful Ultraviolet UVC Disinfection Lamp Rechargeable and Portable for Home and Travel Germ Destroyer Pro X3

best uv light wand


  • BUILT FOR ABSOLUTE CONVENIENCE – Enjoy a quick and easy way to sterilize surfaces without using liquid or chemical sanitizers. This UV light sanitizer India uses brand new UV-C light technology to provide a fast and effective way to prevent getting disease causing germs from almost any surface.
  • FAST CHARGING AND COMPLETELY PORTABLE – The convenience of our UV-C light is unmatched! Charge your sanitizer wand to full power in just 1.5 hours by connecting it to ANY USB port. With a 1800MaH lithium ion battery and 4+ hours of battery life, our lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy for you to take it on the go, wherever you go!
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE GERM KILLER: Nothing escapes when you use this ultraviolet light sanitizer. It is powerful enough to kill up to 99.9% of germs and disease-causing pathogens. All you need to do is to shine the light over the area you want to disinfect and let the powerful UV-C light do its job.
  • WORKS ON ANY SURFACE OR MATERIAL: UV-C light works on all surfaces: wood, metal, fabrics, plastic, walls, and more making this UV sterilizer wand just perfect for all your needs. Use Sani-Lite in hotel rooms to disinfect beddings, in the office to sterilize your computer keyboard and screen, in the car, or at home. The list is practically endless.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Every purchase you make from KRICCO gets you a premium quality portable UVC sanitizer that is perfect for all your disinfection needs. It works as promised and helps keep you and your loved ones stay disease free. 
  • Best uv light sanitizer wand.

Pros: 1. Reliable and cost effective.
2. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and simple to use.
3. Best uv sanitizer for travel.
4. Value for money.

Cons: Not found.

7) TRU-V | UV Portable Sanitizer Disinfection Bag/Box

uv light disinfection


  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DIS-INFECTION – This Tru-V UV sterilization bag provides 360 degree disinfection using a powerful 11W UV-C Lamp and UV reflective coating. With an optimal wavelength of 254nm, the lamp sanitizes articles kept inside the box within 5-10 minutes
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – The UV lamp does not produce ozone, avoiding harmful vapors and protecting your health. Dual reflective lining ensures no leakage
  • REFLECTIVE INNER LINING AND WARRANTY- Reflective inner lining ensures the UV reaches all corners of your articles, making sure the disinfection process is highly effective. The bag comes with a 9 Month Warranty
  • LARGE SIZE PERFECT FOR MOST THINGS – At 12inch*12inch*12inch (LxWxH) the box is perfect for Phones, Electronics, Cash, Glasses, Masks, Gloves, Face Shields, Shoes, Groceries, Milk, Bottles, Newspapers, Baby Clothes, Earphones, Toys and much more
  • EASY TO CARRY, LIGHTWEIGHT AND FOLDABLE – The box can be folded making it easy to carry when going out. It is space-saving and portable for using in multiple locations and during travel.
  • It is one of the best uv sanitizer machine.

Pros: 1. This box is very convenient and easy to use.
2. UV light operates at multiple wavelength – 275nm, 365nm, 395nm, giving an ultimate combination.
3. Timer control is excellent to keep the free and the tubes will automatically turnoff saving life and ensuring exact duration.
4. Most reasonably priced.

Cons: Need precaution while using for bag material.

8) Amtidy U99 UV Sanitizer,Portable UV Sterilizer Box 99.9% Sterilization for Cell Phone, Makeup Tools, Keys, Glasses, Multi-Function Mobile Phone Toothbrush Cleaning Box

best sanitizer for mobile


  • 【360° UV Sterilization】Amtidy U99 Smart phone UV sanitizer does not use any liquid, heat or chemical substances, so it can safely disinfect anything suitable for the internal environment! While killing 99.9% of bacteria and bacteria in 5 minutes, ultraviolet light can also touch the microorganisms hidden in the gap, even the cleaning wipes can’t reach these microorganisms.
  • 【Large Sanitizing Space】Amtidy U99 sanitizer fits almost all phones, whether you have the Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Google Pixel 2 XL, or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It can for more than just your phone, jewelry, watches, makeup tools, knives, toothbrush, glasses, credit cards and keys so on can be tidy as long as they are within the tolerance range of size.
  • 【USB Charger】 Amtidy U99 sterilizer box With built in charging port, this product can sterilize and charge the phone at the same time, no need to power off.
  • 【Certified and Safe】SGS, FCC,CAProp65, CE,ROHS,CTICK certified. If the cover is open while in operation, UV lights will turn off immediately to prevent eye or skin exposure.
  • 【5 Mins to reach 99.999% killing rate】Amtidy U99 UV cleaner disinfects quickly and safely by emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 250 nm to 280 nm via 2 long UVC (upside and back side). Compare to other mercury lamps that need up to 8mins to sanitizing, the Amtidy U99 sanitizer box only needs 5mins.

Pros: 1. Easy, portable and innovative.
2. easy to kill germs and virus from our personal belongings likes Mobile Phones, Keys, and other small items.
3. Nice build quality and easy to carry.
4. Very easy to use and work as mobile charger also.

Cons: Not found.

9) VISMA UVC Disinfection Box | UV STERILIZER Box | UVC sanitizer Box | UV sanitizer Box India | with Phillips UVC LAMP| UV Disinfectant Box India |

uv sanitizer for home


  • Designed for disinfecting personal household and office belonging like mobile phones, tablets, purse, currency, covers of office files, etc.
  • Effective against wide range of viruses and bacteria
  • Best in class Phillips UV-C Lamp (253.7 nm)(11W)
  • With safety ON/OFF switch
  • Check the uv sterilizer price in India below

Pros: 1. Reliable and cost effective.
2. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and simple to use.
3. The product is well designed, spacious ( approx. 8L).
4. You can sanitize packed masala, Namkin, drug strips, money bag, mobile etc.

Cons: 1. Could have added a 10 min timer with auto shutout. 

10) RAEGR Arc 1500 UV Sterilizer Box UV Sanitiser Box 

uv lamp sanitizer


  • Three Modes of Fast Wireless charging 10W / 7.5W & 5W. Compatible with all Phones, Masks and fits other personal items.
  • Universal UVC sterilizer uses ultraviolet LED tubes to eradicate 99.9% of germs, viruses & bacteria without harmful chemicals
  • Multi-functional sterilization; Performs multiple functions of charges and disinfects simultaneously
  • Lightweight & Portable Sterilizer: Easy to carry, disinfect anytime and suitable for home, office and travel.
  • Comes with Aroma Diffuser: It has aromatherapy diffuser inside, as an additional feature. For pleasant smell, you can add up-to 6 aroma drops to the hole (Aroma Oil Not Included in the package)
  • Best UV sanitizer for cell phones.
  • Best wireless charger for cell phones.

Pros: 1. Fast Qi Wireless charger, supports 10W, 7.5W and 5W.
2. Supports wireless charging even with Cases on..
3. Object detection helps and its shuts off any metal impact, like coins etc.
4. Has good grips on both top and bottom for firm placement

5. works with QC 2 and 3 Chargers
6.Comes with Ring Lights for indication of status.

7. Kill germs easily.

Cons:  Could have been rectangular than oval, but I guess it’s ok considering this is the best cost in the market. Need more time to charge.

11) Pureone U.V Tooth Brush Sanitizer/Holder

uv sterilizer price in india


  • PureOne UV Tooth Brush Holder/ Sanitiser kills bacteria and Viruses found on toothbrushes.
  • Gives additional protection to your family from flu, fever, sore throat, boils, blisters, cavities, and diarrhoea
  • Kills germs using proven germicidal UV-C ( U.V c source from U.S Light sources Inc. U.S.A )
  • Holds four toothbrushes, Always (24X7)keep your brushes in Pure one UV Tooth brush Sanitiser. Consumes less than 5 watts of power
  • Best UV sanitizer for toothbrush.

Pros: 1. Comfortable for the family of four.
2. Portable, sleeky and easy to use.
3. value for money.

Cons: It starts after a little time delay.

12) Baby bottle sterilizer(best baby bottle sterilizer in India)

best baby bottle sterilizer in india


  • Flexible 3 in 1 modular design
  • Hold up 6 bottles (330ml)
  • The voltage is 220-240 V and the power consumption is 650 watts.
  • Suitable for both narrow and wide neck bottle
  • 6 minute cycle with automatic shut-off,
  • Polypropylene : Yes
  • Kills 99.9 percent of harmful germs and sterilize upto24 hrs.
  • This sterilizer is made from BPA Free materials
  • 2 years replacement warranty
  • Brand recommended by MOMS worldwide

Pros: 1.Easy to use and clean
2. Save lot of water, Gas and time.
3. Value for money.
4. Heating area is made of stainless steel
5. Can fit upto 330ml bottle

Cons: 1.Power cord is short
2. Few customer got some error after using, but replace by company(2 yrs warranty)


This the complete topic about best uv sanitizer in India 2021. I think it will create the good impression in your life.

In conclusion, the search for the best UV sanitizer in India has unveiled a realm of possibilities for ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene. The featured UV sanitizers have emerged as powerful allies in the battle against invisible threats, offering a modern and effective solution to purify our surroundings. By harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, these sanitizers provide a chemical-free and eco-friendly method to eliminate harmful microorganisms from various objects and surfaces. From smartphones to baby products, and from personal belongings to household items, these UV sanitizers stand as guardians of health and well-being.

Each UV sanitizer showcased in this article possesses unique features and strengths, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether it’s the portability and convenience of a compact design or the advanced technology and extensive sterilization capacity of larger models, there is a UV sanitizer for every individual and every situation.

As you curious on your journey to find the best UV sanitizer in India, consider factors such as efficacy, user-friendliness, durability, and affordability. Remember that the ultimate choice depends on your specific requirements and the level of protection you seek. Be proactive in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, knowing that these UV sanitizers are at your disposal, ready to sanitize and safeguard.

In a world where invisible threats loom large, the best UV sanitizers in India emerge as beacons of hope, enabling us to embrace a cleaner and healthier future. Your journey towards optimal cleanliness starts here, with the best UV sanitizers as your trusted companions.


Q:- uv sterilizer cabinet price in India?

A:- Check the price on Amazon

Q:-uv sanitizer machine price in India?

A:- Check the price on Amazon

Q:- Money sanitizer machine price in India?

A:- Check the price on Amazon

Q:- Best uv sterilizer for offices?

A:- You can use uv disinfect lamp to sanitize office by keeping ON the uvc lamp in the office room. To sanitizer office paper, file, mobile, document, daily object and other carry item, you can use uv light wand, mobile sanitizer machine or uv sterilizer cabinet. We have reviewed all uv room sanitizer in above article.

Q:- Mobile phone sanitizer price in India?

A:- Check price on Amazon.

Q:- How to check if uv sanitizer is working?


uvc testing card

Ultroz UVC Indicator card or uvc testing card is great for validating UV-C lamp performance. The colorimetric indicators provide an easy way to monitor UV-C dosing of uv sanitizer. To know how to Use, just place the Ultroz UVC indicator adjacent to ultraviolet germicidal equipment and on the equipment. The dosimeters can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position and always make sure the yellow color-changing area faces toward the UV-C light source.

By exposure of sufficient UV-C exposure, the yellow area will change to shades of brown and orange, which providing a visual indication that can be correlated to dose of 50 mJ/cm2, 100 mJ/cm2, 150 mJ/cm2 and 200 mJ/cm2 has received a UV-C light machine. This is the process how to check if uv sterilizer working or not.

Q:- What is uvc dosimeter card price?

A:- Check the price on Amazon.

Q:- How long does it take for UV products to disinfect an area?

A:- Depends on the brand the uv product able to disinfect area with 4 to 10 minutes.

Q:-What are UV rays and what are the different types? 

A:- Please read the above article.

Q:- Can UVC kill Coronavirus?

A:- Yes it can kill coronavirus.

Q:- Is UVC rays safe for humans?
A:- UVC light has a limited spectrum range and cannot penetrate through the tear layer in the eye or the outer dead-cell layer of human skin. However direct exposure may have an adverse impact therefore, skin or eyes can be damaging and should be avoided.

Q:- What are the advantages of UV based disinfection against chemical-based sanitization?
A:- Read this paragraph Benefit of UVC Technology or uv light benefits.

Q:- Can the UVC ray of sun kill corona virus?
A:- Yes, it can kill, but UVC light from the sun is blocked by Earth’s atmosphere.

Q:- How long the effectiveness of the UVC lamp last ?
A:- It is typically lasts around 6000hours to 8000 hours of usage depends on the UVC lamp brand. Over a period dust formation over the bulb can lower UV output. Therefore, the UVC bulbs require periodic cleaning and replacement to ensure effectiveness.

Q:- Is their any side effect of UV sanitizer box on fruits and vegetables?
A:- UVC lights sanitizes the surfaces of vegetables, fruits and other edible items and has no side effect whatsoever on the food items.

Q:- Can bottled or packed food be disinfected by UV sanitizer?
A:- No, UVC rays will only disinfect the surface’s that get the exposure to the rays. Food item inside bottled, canned, or packed will not be sanitized by the UVC rays as they cannot penetrate the surface, but it will surely sanitize the exterior surface of bottles or other packing.

Q:- Will UVC rays have on mobile phone, battery, and small electronic gadgets?
A:- As UVC rays do not penetrate surfaces unlike as you may find in microwave ovens, therefore you can be rest assured that all your gadgets, phones and batteries will have no adverse effect.

Q:- Can I wear the clothes immediately after UV sanitizing ?
A:- If the surface of the entire clothing is not exposed to the UVC rays, then clothes may not get fully sanitized . So it is preferable to wash clothes.

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