In this article you will get the complete knowledge of best UV sanitizer. Human beings are easy target of germs, bacteria, virus etc. In recent time,Corona Virus deeply harmed the human society all over the world. Many people are affected, many are died, people are getting financially weaken and world economy is collapsed.  Time to time our society is affected by virus like EBOLA, MRSA, H1N1 and recently Corona.

So to keep our family and society safe from these kinds of deadly viruses, germs and bacteria, we need to take some important precautions. We have to maintain our good hygiene, society and house hold item should be clean and need to sanitize in frequent interval of time.

It’s not an easy task to wash our hands and sanitize our daily needed item by liquid chemical sanitizer by spraying or wiping. It may cause fatal on your skin or may damage your expensive electronics items. So, to get rid of this we need to have an alternate route to sanitize and that is UV sanitizer, which is very easy and effective.

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UV technology (uv light disinfection) is one of the oldest and even important technologies in the world. UV means “ultra violet” ray which is used in this technology to apply in different field for different purposes. The sun ray is containing ultra violet rays and is able to disinfect the bacteria and viruses.However, the same principle is uses in this technology. UV is a spectrum of light which is not visible to the human eye. The UV is divided into 4 parts- VUV spectrum (100 – 200 nm), UVC spectrum (200 – 280 nm), UVB spectrum (280 – 315 nm), and UVA spectrum (315 -400 nm). The effect of these rays are-

Best air sanitizer

UV-A: It results in skin tanning and is used in medicine to treat certain skin disorders.
UV-B: It has a very high penetrating ability and results in sunburn. Its exposure is responsible for some types of skin disease, skin ageing and cataracts.
UV-C: The penetration ability is low and almost completely absorbed by the outer and dead layer of your body skin where it does little harm.

What is UV-C Technology?

The UV-C spectrum is known as the germicidal spectrum. It is the region that contains the peak germicidal wavelength. UV-C light is very effective and strong ray to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. It has spectrum 200 nanometer to 280nanometer.

It is designed in a special bulb and it emits UV-C rays to destroy virus, germs and bacteria. By the use of UV-C technology it is possible to destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within a second. Therefore, it is doing that work you without addition of chemicals, without harmful side effects, inexpensively, highly efficiently and absolutely reliably.

Benefit of UV-C Technology

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The benefits of UV-C technology are mention below:

  • Effective for all types of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.  
  • No disinfection by-products (DBPs) formed
  • Operating cost is low
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Radiation is not able penetrate skin, so its safe.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • HACCP compliance

Application of UV-C Technology

Food Processors

  • Extended product shelf life
  • Reduced spoilage and wastage
  • Improved product quality & reduced contamination
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Improved production and logistical efficiencies
  • Products retain freshness, glittered for longer
  • Reduce the use of chemicals, heat treatment, additives and preservatives
  • Water Purify


  • Reduction in hospital acquired infections
  • Reduced cross contamination, hospital stays, liability
  • Significant energy savings
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

Facilities Management

  • Significant reduction of airborne contaminations and rapidly improved air quality
  • Reduced energy consumption of HVAC systems.
  • Reduced muscular ailments and respiratory within populated environments

HVAC / Refrigeration

  • Reduced capital & operating costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduction or elimination of costly cleaning programs
  • Removal of the use of harmful chemicals and disinfectants

Best UV Light Sanitizer in India

1)Jain Traders UV Ultra Violet Sterilizer Sanitizer Disinfectant Box Ideal For Home To Disinfect Fruits Vegetables Milk Packets, Courier Parcels

best uv sanitizer


  • This MAKE IN INDIA sterilizer comes with Analog Adjustable Timer and a safety feature Auto Shut Off the UV light will be switched off automatically if the box is opened to prevent human exposure to UV light
  • Actual Usage Size Is 15 x 14 x 14 Inchs, This size is enough to sterilize/sanitize Your Everyday Needs Such As Fruits, Vegetables, Milk Pouches, Courier Parcels,
  • Advanced Technology — By using ultraviolet light (ultraviolet C), 99.9% of 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐚, 𝒗𝐢𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐬 and 𝐦𝐨𝐥𝐝 can be effectively killed or inactivated, the effect is stronger and faster.
  • This is an time tested useful appliance and will protect you for all the viruses with no chemicals used.
  • This technology is used widely by medical practitioner and Can be used with all kind of materials including paper, plastic, metal, wood, electronics etc

2)SterileLife UV Lights Sanitizer Portable|Phone Wireless Charging|Disinfectant & Sterilizer for Face Mask, Makeup Tools, Mobile Phone, Toothbrush, Jewelry, Watches With 2 piece Complimentary KN95 Mask By Trendal®

best uv sanitizer in india


  • Sterilization Time : 30 Sec (Fastest in the industry) | Masks / mobile phones / watches / makeup brushes / etc. Are put into the box for UV sterilization;
  • Can wirelessly charge mobile phones
  • Split design, can be used in the hand to sterilize ultraviolet rays in toilets, shoe cabinets, mattresses and other places.
  • Open the support frame and change the makeup mirror in seconds (convenient for women to make up at any time)
  • Our ultraviolet rays are sterilized by UVC-LED, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

3) UV Lamp UV Steriliser Light Ultraviolet Ozone Lamp Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp with Remote Control, Suitable for Household Toilet Pet Area

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  • 【Scope of application】: With the design of UV light and Ozone synchronize working, Can be effectively sterilized within 40 square meters
  • 【Applicable place】:suitable for many occasions small space like bedroom, kitchen, washing room, baby’s room, pet house, toilet, much more space you desire to purify.
  • 【Safe And Energy Efficien】: 36w power and remote control operation and 10 secs activation delay.
  • 【Timing Design】:Timing mode can be selected according to the size of the room, 10m2/15 minutes, 20m2/30 minutes, 40m2/60 minutes.
  • 【Note】:It require people and animals waiting outside during disinfection , after disinfection is completed it also need to wait more than 60 minutes for ozene decomposition completing.

4) Portable UV Light Sterilize Lamp Mini Hand-held Disinfection Light Travel UV Disinfection Wand for Hotel Household Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area

uv lamp sanitizer


  • Effective Sterilization:There are bacteria everywhere in life.How to protect our health?-Our UV lamp use ultraviolet rays to clean household products,After testing,pure ultraviolet light that eliminates up to 99.99% dust-killing rate.Keep your life safe at all times.
  • Easy&Convenient:Built-in battery and USB charger,continuous working (4*AAA batteries were not included).Simply sweep the UV light across the surface,fast and safe ,more comprehensive, no odor,residue or pollution.
  • Safe & Durable:Our UV Wand use ABS material,health and environmental protection.long service life.Obtained FC/CE certification and experimental test report.Long press 5s to start,prevent the baby from opening by mistake.Gravity induction switch,when the germicidal stick is facing upwards in the working state,will automatically cut off the power supply , Safe without radiation. Safer and more effective than other traditional methods.
  • Comprehensive Protection:Ultraviolet technology is often used in hospitals, military and aerospace fields,is a fast and efficient ,in daily life,Our UV wand is widely used for home, office, school cleaning. A nice choice to clean phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes and toilet covers, pillow inside, clothers and bed stuff and others.
  • Foldable Design:UV Light with ergonomic design,small and portable,you can put in your pocket or handbag and easy to use at home ,office business trip, outing or tourism.Let you have a safe and healthy living environment anytime, anywhere

5) UVC Sanitizer Light, Travel Model

best uv sanitizer


  • Germicidal Ultraviolet light will eliminate 99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds in seconds
  • Portable, light-weight handheld design that is easy to operate
  • Certified testing completed
  • Features an automatic safety shut-off switch

6) TRU-V | UV Portable Sanitizer Disinfection Bag/Box | Sterilize Masks, Phone, Cash, Gloves, Groceries, Bottles, Shoes, Newspaper, Fruits & Vegetables | Bacteria & Viruses killed & items sanitized within minutes | Large Size: 12inch*12inch*12inch

uv light disinfection


  • QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DIS-INFECTION – This Tru-V UV sterilization bag provides 360 degree disinfection using a powerful 11W UV-C Lamp and UV reflective coating. With an optimal wavelength of 254nm, the lamp sanitizes articles kept inside the box within 5-10 minutes
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – The UV lamp does not produce ozone, avoiding harmful vapors and protecting your health. Dual reflective lining ensures no leakage
  • REFLECTIVE INNER LINING AND WARRANTY- Reflective inner lining ensures the UV reaches all corners of your articles, making sure the disinfection process is highly effective. The bag comes with a 9 Month Warranty
  • LARGE SIZE PERFECT FOR MOST THINGS – At 12inch*12inch*12inch (LxWxH) the box is perfect for Phones, Electronics, Cash, Glasses, Masks, Gloves, Face Shields, Shoes, Groceries, Milk, Bottles, Newspapers, Baby Clothes, Earphones, Toys and much more
  • EASY TO CARRY, LIGHTWEIGHT AND FOLDABLE – The box can be folded making it easy to carry when going out. It is space-saving and portable for using in multiple locations and during travel

7) Tenergy UV Ultra Violet Light Cell Phone Sterilizer

uv sanitizer for phone


  • NEW Tenergy UV Ultra-Violet Cell Phone Sanitizer
  • Eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your phone
  • Uses Ultra-violet UV lights, Germicidal UV Light
  • Fits with iPhone 6 without phone case. Will not fit with iPhone 6 plus or Galaxy Note
  • The same UV lights used in hospitals to prevent strep, e.coli, salmonella, pseudomonia, listeria, and H1N1 virus

8) Cell Phone Sterilizer Portable UV Lights Universal Smartphone Sanitizer, Portable Phone Cleaner with USB Charging for All Phone Key Glasses Cleaner Case(White)

uv sanitizer for home


  • 【Fast Shippment】-In order to bring you the best shopping experience, when we receive your order, and will ship it on the same day, usually 10 days you will receive, if everything goes well, the fastest 7 days you will get it
  • 【Large sterilized space】- UV sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches, such as iPh.ones Samsung Nexus LG Motorola So.nys HTC Huawei and so on. Ideal for iPod, mp3 player, Bluetooth headset, toothbrush, watch, toy, pacifier, glasses, key, jewelry and any other small items.
  • 【Portable Sterilizer】-Our phone sterilizers are stylish, ergonomic and compact design, so you can take them with you wherever you are. In particular, this mobile phone sterilizer is powered by a laptop desktop mobile power USB charger, and you can use your phone case to sterilize your phone, whether on the go or on the go
  • 【Ultraviolet sterilizer】-This sterilizer uses bacteria to sterilize UV target lights in hard-to-reach areas, eliminating bacteria and up to 99.9% of bacteria. Press the cleaning switch to keep the indicator light green to start disinfection; the machine will automatically stop after running for 3 minutes after the end of cleaning
  • 【What you get】- One Disinfection Machine with box. Welcome guide, our worry-free 12-month, and friendly customer service

9) UV-C Light Mini Sanitizer Travel Disinfection Lamp Antibacterial Lamp 99% Killing Mold, Bacteria, viruses and dust Mites

uv lamp sanitizer


  • [Universal all-in-1 sanitising box with advanced UVC light and inner capacity of 800ml designed to eliminate bacteria on your phone, gadget accessories and other everyday items.
  • Destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria in 8 minutes.
  • Support Aroma essence while sanitising.
  • Supports fast wireless charging up to 10W.
  • Easy to use and comes with Type-C input port

10) Pureone U.V Tooth Brush Sanitiser/Holder

uv sterilizer price in india


  • PureOne UV Tooth Brush Holder/ Sanitiser kills bacteria and Viruses found on toothbrushes.
  • Gives additional protection to your family from flu, fever, sore throat, boils, blisters, cavities, and diarrhoea
  • Kills germs using proven germicidal UV-C ( U.V c source from U.S Light sources Inc. U.S.A )
  • Holds four toothbrushes, Always (24X7)keep your brushes in Pure one UV Tooth brush Sanitiser.Consumes less than 5 watts of power


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