Top 10 Best Treadmill Brands

When you are hesitating to run outs or time is not convenient with you, then treadmill is the best option to kill your desire. Running is the best exercise or basic step to start an exercise regime. No one can neglect the huge benefit of running and without running; you won’t get the proper result of any fitness schedule. In this topic we have pulled together a list of top 10 best treadmill brands  to make your search a little easier.

But the difference between quality treadmill and ordinary one make the impact on performance of your exercise. Now a day you will get many features on treadmill and different price range according to your budget. We cover everything you need to know before you buy and it includes the key specifications of each treadmill, from the motor (performance, quality, and speed), to the workout options, warranty, price range and beyond. So the read this article till the end, to get the knowledge of top 10 best treadmill brands in India.

List of top 10 Best Treadmill Brands

1. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill

  • It has 2.0 HP (4 HP Peak) DC quite motor which deliver power for interval, speed, or endurance training.
  • To look at the workout status it has 5” Blue LCD display, Display reading – Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.
  • It has 3-Level manual incline for intense workout.
  • To select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based, you can varies speed 1 to 14 km/hr . The treadmill has max user weight: 110kg. and 12 pre-set programs for efficient workout & H1-H3 Program.
  • You can monitor your heart rate throughout your workout with built-in thumb sensors that help .
  • It is easily foldable using soft drop hydraulic system and wheels for easy transportation. The running surface area is (L x W) – 1150 X 420mm.
  • The multi-layered running belt reduces sudden shocks and the textured material offers optimum traction and makes it easy to use without compromising on its functionality.
  • It has mobile & tablet holder for safe keeping your smart devices while running, USB Port and MP3 Speakers. In this product you will get Warranty : 1 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Part Warranty, Life time Frame Warranty. Suggested to use 4Kva stabilizer for safety of motor.


  • the frame is strong won’t stress while running top speed is. 14
  • The product is awesome, strong and durable in first look.
  • It is easily foldable and can move on wheels to any where by single person
  • Silent motor and as a whole satisfactory.


  • Customer Service-poor

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2. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230M 2HP (4HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

best treadmill brands
  • Company will provide free Installation Assistance Provided via Voice/Video Call.
  • In this product you will get lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.
  • 2.0HP DC Green Efficient Motor
  • 15-Level Auto Incline for intense workout
  • To check the workout status, it has 5″ Bright Blue LCD Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate.
  • Max User Weight: 115KG
  • Speed: 1.0 – 14.0km/hr with Speed Select Hot Keys
  • It has BMI FAT Function, 12 Pre-set Programs for efficient workout & 3 Target based Modes.
  • Play Music directly on Hi-Fi console speaker by connecting USB Pen-drive/AUX cable.
  • Mobile & Tablet Holder is also availabe for safe keeping your smart devices while running
  • You can do easy Folding & Unfolding by Hydraulic Softdrop System(HSS)
  • It has running Surface area (L X W) – 1260 x 420mm / 49.6 x 16.5 inches
  • Multi-Function: Massager, Sit-ups, Dumbbells & Twister for waist
  • Semi-Auto Lubrication for Easy Maintenance
  • Wheels for Easy Transportation Company


  • Incline works flawlessly and Powerful motor
  • Nice Look and Multipurpose use
  • Easy mobility and simple to use by any one at home
  • Accessories is very good
  • The installation is very simple
  • Good quality product
  • Dumbells and Massager is provided are very good
  • Smooth functioning… Less noise while walking


  • Speaker sound could have better

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3. Stunner Fitness STX-360 2.0 HP (4.0 HP Peak) Motorised Treadmill

best treadmill brands for home use
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 1-Year Motor Warranty, And 1-Year Parts & Manufacturing Defects Warranty.
  • Performance: Motorised treadmill with very powerful, quiet and durable DC Motor with 2.0 HP Power. With Speed of 1.0-14 km/h you can select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based. With Auto Inclination of 0%-15% maximum gradient make the workout extremely effective, be it running, jogging or walking.
  • Futuristic Console: Display with 5” inch Bright Blue LCD Display- Keep an eye on Speed, Distance, Time, Calories and Heart Rate with Select Hot Keys for Speed and Inclination. Interactive Training: To burn calories more effectively, we specially programmed 12 pre-installed training programs and 3 Preset Target based Modes to create a customised routine of exercises, you can choose the best plan to suits your need and the App-compatible 5″ multimedia console ensure that you have all informed.
  • Auto-Lubricating Function: The innovative Auto-lubricating system makes maintenance of the STX-360 extremely practical. It provides an even distribution of the silicone frequent and annoying re-oiling is no longer necessary. Mobile App Control: The folding treadmill support Bluetooth smartphone Android & IOS App connect. Wireless connectivity for your treadmill. Connect with treadmill and then setting a set of your personal training plan.
  • Natural Running Experience: The large running surface (1230 x 420 mm) allows training with the treadmill. This treadmill with silicone damping design & Dual Shock Absorber to greatly disperse the shock from running board and effectively protect your ankle and knee joint that gives you excellent experience of running. This ensures a natural running experience. Max. user weight is 115 kg. We recommend to choose atleast 20 Kgs more than your current weight that impacts running weight.
  • Extra Features: Auto stop safety key for injury prevention, Inbuilt Dual Speakers & Aux Cable for Music, Mobile/Tablet holder on console. Easily fold Away: With the wheel transport rollers and the practical Quick Fold system, the treadmill can be fold and move quickly at your home. Quick Fold System Comes with Hydraulic Soft Drop System for easy folding & Unfolding.


  • Excellent machine at reasonable price
  • very easy to assemble and install
  • Great in terms of quality
  • Smooth functioning… Less noise while walking


  • Little bit expensive

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4. Cockatoo CTM-101 DC Motorised Treadmill for Home Use

Cockatoo CTM-101
  • Free installation across India.
  • It has warranty of 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty & lifetime frame warranty
  • 5 HP peak continuous DC motor, running surface: 420 x 1200 mm (16.5-Inch x 49.6-Inch)
  • Incline level: 3 Level Manul Incline, speed range: 0.8-14.8 km/heavy, display: 5-inch LCD display
  • Max user weight: 120 kg, running 90 kg, walking 120 kg || steel crowns roller keep belt centred and running smoothly to reduce noise
  • Other feature:. USB port, MP3 speakers, foldable and moveable, easy installation
  • Tips to use voltage stabilizer for safety of motor
  • Belt thickness: 1.6 mm
  • P1 to P12 12 pre-set workout programs for effective workout, changeable mode will help to plan structured exercise
  • Material: Steel/In-Box Contents: 1 Manual incline Treadmill


  • Robust build
  • The best motor in the price segment (peaks at 5HP)
  • Not auto, but simple lubrication (lift the belt, spray left and right)
  • Manual incline to simulate outdoor running
  • Better warranty than most peers among DC motor machines
  • Quick buttons – very important for me cos I lose my patience trying to go from 6kmph to 12kmph in increments of 0.1, pressing the button 60 times!
  • Excellent customer service; I literally pestered the Anand brothers themselves until this was delivered and they were super kind to help me even at 11 PM in the night. Extremely polite and driven to help the client.
  • Simple to install
  • At 70kgs (weighs more than me, haha) sturdy build, this one’s able to stay grounded even when I am pounding on it at 14kmph!


  • Not a lot of marketing images available before you buy this one
  • Speakers aren’t great, but I did not buy this expecting a home theatre movie-watching experience from the speakers, but for working out haha
  • Super heavy when it arrives, you’d need assistance

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5. Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill

Durafit Spark 1.25 HP
  • It has 1.25 HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor and 2.5 HP Peak Output
  • Running Area is 1150*400 mm. Run Belt Thickness: 1.8mm thickness and it has special Friction Coating for added Traction
  • No. of Preset programs : 12. It comes with target Mode: Set & Chase Targets in Speed, Distance, Calories, Time features
  • Max. User Weight(walking): 95 kg | Max. User Weight(running): 65 kg
  • It has wide LED Display – Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse Rate
  • This treadmill comes with 1 Year warranty, door-Step warranty on parts & 3 Year Door step warranty on Motor, Lifetime warranty for Frame
  • The treadmill is 95% pre-installed and rest can be installed in 30 minutes. We provide Online Installation Support to all customers | Option of Installation Service from our Authorized Service Partners from our Pan-Indian Service Network
  • At 35 Kg, the treadmill is built heavier than similar treadmills in the league and this ensures that the treadmill is very sturdy and safe. This makes it ideal for Older people to walk with confidence and also for youngsters to train with focus | Pan India service available.


  • A very compact and easy to install treadmill.
  • Great value for money.
  • Perfect for personal use
  • The treadmill is very light in its weight and easy to move from one place to another.
  • It’s sturdy and durable


  • Pulse rate meter sometime giving inadequate result

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6. Kobo 1 H.P Motorised Fitness Treadmill with Warranty

best treadmill brands for home use
  • 1 HP motor green efficient dc motor which gives peak power up to 2 HP
  • Maximum limit of user weight capacity – walking – 100 kg, running – 80 kg
  • Running surface (l x w) – 39.37 x 15.75 inches, 1000 x 400mm, weight of treadmill is 29 kg
  • 3 year motor warranty, but we recommend to use voltage stabilizer for more life
  • Space treadmill acquire after assembly (length 1430 mm x width 635 mm x height 1065 mm) (l 56.29 inches x w 25 inches x h 41.92 inches)
  • Speed range of 0.8 to 10 km/h with heart rate sensors on handle and fat measure programme
  • Includes USB and aux input for music and high quality speakers
  • It is easily foldable and wheel for transportation for more space saving
  • Requires voltage 220 – 240v and current 50 – 60 Hz
  • Assembly tools, assembly manual inside packaging, assembly video also available on request, material: Steel, in-box contents: 1 piece treadmill, 1 piece assembly manual, 1 piece assembly tool kit, 1 piece lubrication oil
  • Material: Steel
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Motorized Treadmill, Assembly Manual, Assembly Tool Kit and Lubrication Oil


  • Easy to assemble. Works well with stabiliser.
  • The quality of the product is good.
  • Light weight and easy to carry in any place


  • Customer service sometimes not as per expectation

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Treadmill Buying Guide

If you are more conscious about treadmill and it’s not become a burden to you in future, then should know some crucial parameter before buying.

  1. First you should target your workout style-Walking, Jogging and Running.
  • If you are looking for a treadmill only for simple Walking, then Manual Treadmills are best option in low budget. These are essentially very simple walking treadmills ideally for less intensity workouts or simple exercise or aged people.
  • If you are looking for Jogging and running then go for motorized treadmills. You will get many advance features like heartbeat monitor, automated incline, customizable training modes etc. But the price of the motorized treadmill is higher than manual treadmill.
  1. Choose your workout space and treadmill size

Before go for shopping, first measure space in your home where you will keep the treadmill.  Now a day’s most treadmill having foldable option, even though you need to have adequate space (L x W x H) in your room.  We advice 22 inch wide belt for runners and 20 inch for walkers.

best indian treadmill brands

For length of belt a minimum of 50″ in belt length is recommended for walkers, 55″ for runners and 60″ for runners over 6′ tall.

best treadmill brands for home use

I think you got the idea that how much space does you required for your treadmill.  The standard home treadmills are about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide.

  1. Choose treadmill motor

The treadmill motor is heart of the treadmill. The selection motor power depends on for what purpose are using the treadmill- walking, jogging or running? This answer will narrow down the treadmill selection by motor power.  The normal or low intensity uses need less power and heavy uses need high power. Treadmill motor power is defined in terms of horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP).  Most home treadmill motors have somewhere between 1 HP and 2 HP.  For major workout or longtime uses need treadmills with 2 HP or 5.0 CHP motors.

For people weighing up 90kg, here are our general recommendations:

  • Walking:Choose 1.5 HP or higher
  • Jogging:Choose 2.5 HP or higher
  • Running:Choose 3.0 HP or higher

If you weigh over 90 kg then it’s a good idea to add another 0.5 HP, because a motor running at nearly full capacity will lose strength faster than one with more power to spare.

Most branded treadmill motors today are giving more warranties than the cheaper models. So choose the quality treadmill for long run.

  1. Tread Belt Studiness

There are 3 main factors that depends tread belt durability: thickness, metal rollers, and lubrication. Regarding belt thickness, a two-ply or thicker tread belt is a lot of sturdy than one with one layer. Thicker tread belts conjointly tend to be quieter throughout use. Most home treadmills that budget priced or mid-priced have one-ply tracks.

Another vital issue is that the metal rollers that propel a track. Rollers with larger diameters place less stress on the treadmill motor and facilitate to increase belt life. A ideal roller diameter for home treadmills is regarding 2.5 foot.

Lubrication is another vital side of tread belt sturdiness. Treadmill belts should be greased for swift performance. The expensive treadmill having self lubricating option, where you can fill with lubricant. It will help save your maintenance time.

  1. Track Speed

It is a necessary feature that you just ought to check before shopping for the merchandise for yourself. The overall vary of speed lies around 14 Km/h to 20 km/h. A quicker speed treadmill is for the individuals searching for losing weight quicker.

  1. Track Cushioning

Track cushioning helps shield your joints from the impact of exercise. Compared with road running, soft treadmill running usually reduces impact by regarding 15-40%. Although it is most significant for runners, it reduces the impact on anyone’s body by minimizing the danger of injury and promoting stamina. Some treadmills feature adjustable cushioning in order that runners will opt for their most well-liked level of support. Advanced treadmill decks have differential cushioning, wherever you get firm support as you push off the track and a lot of cushioning on landing.

  1. Incline

Want quicker fitness results? A treadmill incline helps you burn calories additional expeditiously. It conjointly reduces the strain on your joints and might assist you target totally different muscle teams. Most treadmill tracks will be inclined to a most of 10, 15, or 20%. Some brands embody little declines on their treadmills too. Most treadmill inclines are motorized; solely the most affordable treadmills with inclines need manual incline adjustment.

  1. Programs

Most treadmills these days sold with preset workout programs. These facilitate support totally different exercise goals like weight loss coaching and endurance coaching. Programs mechanically management the speed of the treadmill, and they’ll modify its incline/decline too if applicable. These days, immersive workouts technologies facilitate sell several home treadmills. One in style possibility is iFit, on the market on home treadmills by NordicTrack, ProForm and HealthRider.

The program offers a full host of advantages, however is very engaging thanks to its unlimited interactive Google Maps workouts. Another nice (although a lot of expensive) possibility is Passport Virtual Active technology, compatible with most treadmills by Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness. Here, scenic Virtual Active treadmill workouts square measure shown on your home TV and mechanically modify the speed and intensity of your exercise.

  1. Additional Features

Now, if you have planned for a motorized treadmill, you also need to consider the additional features. These extra features might be worth the extra investment, because they motivate you to exercise regularly.

  • Auto incline
  • Heart rate monitor, calories, BMI, pulse
  • Pre-defined workout plans
  • console fans and water bottle holders
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • tablet holders and TVs
  1. Safety

Auto-stop is a crucial feature to treadmill shoppers who are aged person or infirm. In this features the key is connected to your body with a lanyard and if you slip, the key is unplug and the treadmill will shut off.  This feature no one should neglect for its safety.

  1. Weight Capacity

Treadmill user weight capacities usually vary from 90 Kg to 180Kg. we advise you to selecting a treadmill that may handle a minimum of 20 Kg over your weight to assist make sure that you don’t strain the motor. There are treadmills out there capable of handling up to 220 Kg; however you’ll have to be compelled to pay additional.

  1. Storage and Portability

You can currently notice collapsible treadmills in each home treadmill worth class. With these treadmills, you’ll fold the treadmill deck upwards once your exercise to release some floor area. Power-assist technology, that is enclosed with some collapsible treadmills, makes this method simple despite your physical strength. Some of the tiniest treadmills are portable; they’re light-weight and have transport wheels. A transportable treadmill will generally be hold on underneath a bed, behind a door or during a closet.

  1. Warranties

A treadmill’s warranty is a wonderful clue from the manufacturer relating to a treadmill’s sturdiness. The standard treadmill pledge includes THREE parts: frame, motor and parts.

Frame: several treadmills (including some low cost treadmills) have their frames beneath lifetime warranty.

Motor: Most treadmill motors have life guarantees. Cheaper models supply a lot of shorter motor warranties (anything from two to twenty five years of coverage), thus visit a sales representative before buying your machine.

Parts: the foremost variation in treadmill warranties involves elements and physics. Generally a awfully low cost treadmill has no warranty or simply a 90-day warranty. Slightly a lot of reliable treadmills get annual elements warranties. The simplest home treadmills tend to possess a minimum of five-year elements warranties and Landice treadmills have lifetime parts warranties.

  1. Brands

One of the most important features is the brand. It is not always necessary that the most popular ones come with all your required features. Therefore it is important for you to invest in the right kind of brand earlier in the article we have talked about the best treadmill brands in India in 2019 so you can choose the best for yourself.

  1. Noise:
    Select the treadmill with the least amount of noise. Noise may hamper your workout fluency and may disturb others also. Even you can enjoy the workout either in silence or watching TV, or listen to music.
  2. Number of people useIf multiple people will use the treadmill one after another, then go for a treadmill that is more durable and has more warranty. Specially choose the high power motor and high strength runway belt.
  3. Customer Service
    Customer service is the considerable factor to buy any product. Always choose from a better and well-known brand like Powermax, Fitkit, and Duralift, you will get better customer support.

You may read this article also “Benefits of treadmill“.


Q-Is a Manual or Electric Treadmill Better?

A-While there are countless treadmill designs and variables, most treadmills can be split into two categories – those with a motor and those without. Those without are called manual treadmills, because they require you to manually power the belt by moving your feet.

So, which one is better? It’s difficult to say as it depends on your preferences and what features you value the most.

With manual treadmills there are actually many benefits. To start with, these machines tend to be much cheaper to buy. We say ‘tend to’ as you can buy some manual treadmills costing upwards of $3,000! However, the majority of them are generally cheaper.

On a similar note, manual treadmills cost nothing to run – no external power means no big electricity bill at the end of the month, which is a huge plus.

Manual treadmills are also among some of the most compact machines around us. So, if you have an issue with space, a manual machine with a small footprint may be exactly what you need.

Another advantage is that, as you are powering the belt, you have to put in more effort. It is believed that up to 30% more calories are burned per session on a manual treadmill compared to the same session on a motorized machine.

Of course, there are some drawbacks of using a manual treadmill, which highlight the strengths of a motorized model.

With the exception of premium models, manual treadmills are not good for running. This is largely down to the fact that the belts tend to be much shorter. So, if you are looking to jog or run comfortably, a motorized machine may be a better option.

It’s no secret that manual models also have less features – limited storage space, small display screens and less shine. If you are looking for something with solid workout feedback, a motorized option is better for you.

Finally, a manual treadmill tends to be harder on your joints. A manual treadmill requires more effort to get going, which can be tougher on your joints and muscles. People with pre-existing joint or muscle problems are probably best going with a motorized model.

Q-What parameter should we look when we will go for buy treadmill?

A-Read the above buying guide.

Q-Why don’t people just walk or run outside instead of using a treadmill?

A-Employing a treadmill rather than running outside eliminates negative factors from the equation that is crucial in an exceedingly safe therapeutic situation. Some samples of negative factors for outdoor ambulation/running embrace inclement weather, surfaces that are too onerous or too soft and therefore the lack of hand rails once running outside versus within wherever safety rails are gift for patients World Health Organization are learning to run once more.

Q-Why do people walk backwards on treadmills throughout of physical therapy plans of care?

A-Walking backwards encourages hamstring activation that takes the strain off the Associate in Nursingterior portion of an established knee. for example, throughout Associate in Nursing ACL recovery PT/PTAs encourage hamstring activation to market a secure setting for the new graft to heal.

Q-Why do people walk backwards on treadmills throughout of physical therapy plans of care?

A-Walking backwards encourages hamstring
activation that takes the strain off the Associate in Nursingterior portion of
an established knee. for example, throughout Associate in Nursing ACL recovery
PT/PTAs encourage hamstring activation to market a secure setting for the new
graft to heal.

Q-Why do PT/PTAs videotape patients on treadmills during a therapy session?

A-Videotaping patients on a treadmill is very beneficial for gait analysis. Once slowed down, the video reveals many details regarding gait, for instance; how much time is spent on each leg, what kind of pattern the leg is moving and monitoring the cadence within the gait. Once that is addressed, the provider can educate the patient to modify exercises in order to help achieve a proper gait.

Q-Am I better off running faster with no incline, or slower with a steeper incline?

A-You must do both for balanced fitness. Adjust each speed and incline throughout your travail, and you’ll higher simulate the dynamic tract of a road run. The slower uphill workouts build strength and power, whereas the quicker flat workouts build stamina, endurance, and foot speed.

Q-Is 20 minutes exercise on the treadmill a day enough?

A-A 20-minute brisk walk can cowl a minimum of one mile. it’ll burn seventy to a hundred calories, betting on your weight. you may add 2000 to 3000 steps to your daily step count. an outsizes study showed that you simply may cut back your risk of early death by the maximum amount as thirty % with a brisk 20-minute walk daily.

Q-Is 30 minutes exercise on the treadmill good?

A-Exercise on a treadmill for half-hour, and you will shed the maximum amount fat as you’d breaking a sweat for associate hour, new analysis finds. … amazingly, they even burned additional calories than the researchers anticipated, demonstrating that half-hour of exercise was enough to guide to weight loss.

Q-What is the common time to run on a treadmill?

A-You even ought to run a second and walk a second till you’re able to run the complete quarter-hour. Slowly increase the quantity of your time you’re running on a treadmill to half-hour four days per week to take care of your healthy weight

Q-Does treadmill facilitate weight loss?

A-Treadmill walking may be a good way to burn further calories day after day to assist you reduce. Aim to burn three hundred further calories per day with cardio exercise like brisk walking. this is often concerning hr per day of moderately-intense exercise, additionally to dominant the amount of calories you’re consumption.

Q-Will running quarter-hour each day facilitate lose weight?

A-If you are doing a 15-minute jog each morning and do not increase your caloric intake, you may slim down. If you weigh one hundred fifty five pounds, you may lose around one pound each 3 to four weeks. … To lose a pound hebdomadally additionally to the burden you’re losing by cardiopulmonary exercise, cut five hundred calories from your diet.

Q-Does treadmill reduce breast size?

A-Running in essence does not shrink your breasts, Norris says. however the breasts ar composed of fat and fibrous tissues

Q-How fast should I walk on treadmill to lose weight?

A-After a handful of weeks, take it up to hr. Frequency: Once you’re accustomed treadmill walking, you’ll jazz a day of the week. Walking at a brisk pace for thirty to hr most days of the week, or a complete of one hundred fifty to three hundred minutes per week, is suggested to scale back health risks.

Q-What is the ideal speed to walk on a treadmill to lose weight?

A-To maintain your weight, you will need to steer on a treadmill at a moderate pace of three.5 miles per hour for no but a hundred and fifty minutes per week. otherwise you will walk at vigorous pace of four.5 miles per hour for seventy five minutes per week. To melt off, you will need to steer for a extended quantity of your time at either pace.

Q-Can treadmill cut back belly fat?

A-Running on a treadmill is one in every of the foremost effective ways that to lose belly fat — not solely will the activity burn calories for overall fat loss, however it additionally directly affects the visceral fat that lies underneath your abdomen muscles


In conclusion, the world of fitness is dominated by an array of exceptional treadmill brands, each offering unique features and high-quality designs. From the cutting-edge technology of brands like NordicTrack and Peloton to the reliability and durability of brands like Sole and Life Fitness, the top 10 treadmill brands deliver outstanding performance and innovation. If you are a fitness freak or looking to stay active at home, these brands offer a wide range of options to match your needs and goals. You’ll have a reliable companion on your fitness journey by investing in a treadmill from one of these top brands ensures , helping you achieve your fitness goals and live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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