10 Best Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are sealed in an airtight chamber pump that is completely submerged in water. The submersible pumps are divided into two types open well and borewell pumps.  We have discussed about borewell pumps “Best submersible pump for borewell” elaborately.  Now come to point open well submersible pump- it consist of an AC electric motor, impeller, diffuser, cable guard, submersible electric cable.

Open well pumps are installed on the floor of an underground reservoir or tank and is connected to electrical supply for operate it. How open well submersible pump works- it lifts water to the desired level by converting the rotary energy of the impeller into kinetic energy of water. In this process, the water is sucked into the pump and it is pushed/lifted by the rotation of the impeller through the diffuser. So you will be boost with knowledge about best submersible pump in present time down below.

The open well submersible pump comes in both single and three phase models. Special care should be taken while installing the pump in the tank as, if it is not completely enclosed by water, but installation process is quite easy. As it is installed in under water the overheating of the motor winding reduces and the longevity of the product increases. Even you feel less vibration in the pump as it is under water.

Best Submersible Pumps(Openwell)

We have sorted out the best of best and listed below the most advisable best submersible pump for openwell below-

1. Kirloskar KOSi-135 5 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump

best submersible pump for open well
  • Material: Metal, Color:Multicolour
  • Package Contents:1 Pump, Control panel, Outlet pipe with valve
  • 5 star rated energy efficiency;
  • CED – Cathode Electro Deposition Coating
  • Lightweight, compact and powerful 1 hp motor
  • Total head: 30 metres
  • Max flow rate: 132 lpm,
  • Pipe size: 25mm x 25mm
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty
  • Head Range: Up to 42m ; Discharge Range : Up to 9.7 I/s ;
  • Power: 0.5 to 2 HP (0.37 to 1.5 kW) ;
  • Voltage Range: Single Phase,160 to 240 Volts ;
  • Insulation: B-Class ; Protection: IP68
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 34 x 30 cm; Weight: 14 Kilograms
  • Country of Origin: India

This pump is 5 star rated open well submersible pump from Kirloskar. It works on wide voltage rage CED coating replaceable wearing parts. It is suitable for gardening and small farm irrigation, domestic and community water supply, construction site, water supply to overhead tanks, and more.


  • Performance of the pump is very good
  • Easily lift water upto G+5
  • Pumped 6000ltr of water in 2hrs to 6th floor


  • Cable Length only 3 Meter

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2. V Guard 0.5 HP Openwell Submersible Pump

best open well submersible pump
  • Powerful 0.5 HP 100% COPPER WINDING MOTOR ;
  • Single Phase 220V and Water Filled Type Motor
  • Water Lift Capacity up to 15 meters ( 50 feet )
  • Water Discharge Size 1 inch (25mm)
  • Comes with, 3 meters Wire,
  • Package Contain: 1 Unit Capacitor Box for Operating the pump & Cable Joining Kit.
  • 1 Year V-Guard_All India Standard Warranty

V-Guard Openwell Submersible Pumps, are specifically designed for lifting water from underground tanks or wells. With an Experience of more than Four Decades, V-Guard has lived upto expectation of Consumers with wide service network all over India. This pump is specifically Engineered to work efficiently SAVES ENERGY up to 70 % comparatively  and  ensure s smooth and silent solution to modern households in India.

It comes with 3 meters Wire, 1 Unit Capacitor Box for Operating the pump & Cable Joining Kit. It is long Lasting, Sturdy, Lightweight and Compact which Guarantee a Satisfactory Experience to your family.


  • Good performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Value for money


  • Cable Length only 3 Meter

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3. AquaPro 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump with Panel

best openwell submersible pump
  • Motor power: 1 HP / 0.75KW Single Phase Pump with MCB Panel Board
  • 2 Years Service Warranty on Pump. No warranty for Panel Board. Manufactured by T & T Industries
  • Head Range 16mtrs – 30mtrs (Upto 100 Feet). Suction & Delivery 1″ x 1″
  • Package Dimensions : 38.3 x 32.2 x 20.6 cm; Weight:14 Kilograms

The AquaPro pump has highly durable water cooled rewindable motor. It has high Quality Bearing and Castings. It comes along with a dynamically balanced rotors and impellers which ensure vibration free performance and it’s enhanced life. Cautions-Before Installing , Fill pump with good and clean water. Install only by experienced and qualified plumber. Suitable for Domestic Water Supply , Overhead Storage Water Tank Filling from Sump , Water Supply for Commercial Establishments like Hotels, Lodgings, etc and Garden Irrigations.


  • It comes with 5m cable
  • Best pump with good quality and cheaper price


  • not identical

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4. AquaForce 0.5 HP Open Well Submersible Water Pump

top 10 submersible pump
  • Power: 230V, 0.5 HP, Single phase Submersible pump
  • Minimum maintenance and No priming
  • Excellent product with 2 years warranty
  • Item Weight: 14 kg 400 g
  • Delivery size of 25mm(1 inch)
  • Rated head is 24m with 1 liter per second.

The AquaForce submersible pump has Stainless steel motor stator body for longer life. Even it has high quality imported carbon thrust bearing to withstand voltage fluctuation. The pump also comes with dynamically balanced impeller & rotor shaft. It is suitable for this application in high discharge in low power consumption like hospitals, hotels, House, flats, and marriage halls Water pump for industrial application Agricultural irrigation.


  • Compact and powerful
  • Value for money
  • Good quality material


  • sometime pressure is not satisfactory

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5. Havells Open Well WL-1 Submersible Pump 0.75KW/ 1.0HP

the best submersible pump
  • Material:Aluminium, Color:Grey
  • Item Dimension: 32 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm, Weight: 17 Kilograms
  • Package Include: 1 pump set, 1 power cord of 5 meter length, 1 control panel, 1 instruction manual, 1 warranty card
  • High grade pump castings (fg-200 grade), Ip-68 protection
  • Pvc coated copper winding wires
  • Stainless steel shaft (ss-410)
  • Quality mechanical seal
  • Cast iron impeller
  • 1 year on product

Havells is delivering comprehensive pump services for municipal, residential, petroleum, agricultural, and industrial-commercial markets for a decade. It has both horizontal and vertical pumps which provide complete underground water pumping solutions with modern technology and innovative solutions. This brand has introduced an assorted range of water pumps and motors, including, submersible pump, submersible motor, bare shaft pump, end suction pump and Centrifugal Monoblock Pump.

It has advanced protection with B Class Insulation, which ensures that motor doesn’t get burned and works smoothly even at high temperatures. Because these all features, it has higher performance, higher suction power and give high discharge in its operating range. Havells has good service network all over India which provide instant troubleshooting. 


  • Nice service network all over India
  • Good material quality
  • Good performance with reputed brand


  • Not identical

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6. Lakshmi 1 HP Openwell Submersible Pump with Panel Board

best 2hp submersible pump


  • Three-phase Water Pump
  • In-built Thermal Over Load Protector
  • Power Rating: 0.37 kW
  • Power Supply: 230volt
  • Motor Power: 1 hp
  • Flow Rate: 109 Lpm
  • Total Head: 32 m
  • Inlet Size: 32 mm
  • Outlet Size: 25 mm
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Power Supply: 230volt, 0.37 kW, 1hp
  • Warranty: 1 year

This pump is used for gardening and small farm irrigation, domestic and community water supply, construction site, water supply to overhead tanks, and more. The Lakshmi openwell pump works on wide voltage rage CED coating replaceable wearing parts. The Package Dimensions is 32 x 30 x 25 cm and weight is 15.7 Kilograms.


  • High water output
  • 1000 liter tank easily filled in just 5 minutes


  • Body paint finishing is not good

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7. COSMIC PUMPS Open Well Submersible Pumps

best submersible water pump for home use
  • KV/HP:  2.25 KV/3HP
  • Operating Head: 30 FT – 80 FT
  • Discharge: 13000 – 18000
  • Power: Three Phase Volt: 380 – 415 Volt
  • Delivery: 2.5 x 2 Inch, Weight of the products: 60 Kg

COSMIC PUMPS, Open Well Submersible Pumps 3HP, 3Phase, 15000LPH, 75feet. Material Used : Stator Shell = Cast Iron,Stamping = LC , Impeller = Cast Iron ,Motor Bush = Leaded Bronze (LTB-4, Shaft = Stainless Steel 410, Rotor = Copper Rotor, Thrust bearing = carbon bearing , Fastners = Stainless Steel .


  • Quality is very nice
  • Affordable price
  • Performance is very good with high efficiency


  • Not Identical

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8. CRI Plano-50 Openwell Pump 0.5HP

best submersible pump company
  • Maximum Head: Upto 56.5 Metre
  • Maximum flow rate: Upto 17 lps( 61.2 m3/hr)
  • Output of water 5800ltr per hour
  • High Operating Efficiency
  • Easy to dismantle and repair
  • Available in SS304, Cl and Noryl impellers
  • Available with 3 metre or 10 metre cable length
  • Power Range: 0.37kW – 2.2kW ( 0.5HP-3HP )
  • Single phase (220 to 240 V), three phase (380 to 415V)
  • Item Dimensions: 33 x 20.3 x 33 Centimeters ( LxWxH )
  • Item Weight: 12 kg 800 g

C.R.I. Horizontal Openwell Submersible Pumpsets are suitable for tanks and Openwell where Deep and wide water level available. The pumpset works underwater and kept at the bottom of the well or Tank. For that suction and priming problem will not arise. This motor manufactured with the high quality sealing which is made by polymers, ‘O’ rings, oil seals and sand guard to avoid ingress of well water/sand into the motor.

It is equipped with pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm to protect the motor from volume variation and pressure of water inside the motor. Material: bracket-cast iron, casing- cast iron, motor shaft-ss410, motor body- ss304.


  • Worth for money
  • High performance and good quality
  • Can lift water upto 6th floor easily


  • sometime feelunder performance

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9. Usha 28SS Openwell Submersible (1 HP) Water Motor Pump

best single phase submersible pump
  • Motor Body        : SS 202
  • Impeller               : Noryl (1.5 HP) / CI (2.0 HP)
  • Shaft      : Carbon Steel EN8
  • Housing               : Cast Iron FG 200
  • Mechanical Seal : Carbon / Ceramic
  • Motor Rotor       : Cast Iron FG 210
  • Fitted with Thermal Overload Protectors
  • Double shielded pre lubricated bearing
  • Copper winding ensure extended durability

The usha open well submersible pump is equipped dynamically balanced rotation parts to avail minimum vibration and noise. The motor is water lubricated and cooled motor fitted with high quality mechanical seal helps smooth running.  The 1 HP Open well is designed With Advanced Technology which provides high Performance and Trouble Free Operation.

It’s available in 15 kg and fitted with Thermal Overload Protectors Double shielded pre lubricated bearing. Even it has high suction capacity, Anti rust stainless steel motor body with Anti rust coating internal parts. The motor is manufactured with copper winding ensure extended durability along with Graded cast iron delivery casing, special bushes and thrust bearing for longer life Eproxy coated graded cast iron Impeller withstands voltage fluctuation in single phase as well as three phase.


  • Worth for money
  • Reputed brand with high performance
  • It has Anti-rust CED coating on casting parts for longer life
  • Energy efficient motor for power saving
  • Light weight and compact design for easy maintenance


  • Not Identical

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10. Euro Molten Stenley 0.5 Hp Open Well Submersible Pump

best well pumps on the market


  • Made of 100% Copper Windings
  • High Head range works Upto 70 feet
  • Made of High Quality Noryl Impeller & Tefflon Based thrust Bearings
  • Comes with Control Panel
  • Made of SS 410 Shaft for High Durability
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 20 cm; 12 Kilograms
  • Included Components: Water Pump, Bend House with strainer, Control Panel, 5mtr 1.5sq mm Cable

Euro Pumps High Quality Water Pumps are designed to last long adhering to strict Quality manufacturing standards. Made of 100% copper windings, the water pumps are highly energy efficient and powerful. Our 0.5 Hp Horizontal Water Pumps are made of high Quality Raw materials and are engineered to perfection by highly qualified technicians understanding your Water pumping needs.


  • Value for money
  • Good material quality
  • 100% copper winding motor


  • Not identical

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How do open well pumps work?

First put open-well submersible pumps under water, When the pump is switched on, the electromagnetic flux created in the stator induces an electromotive force on the rotor and converting the electrical energy to mechanical energy. The pump shaft is joined to the rotor and the impellers are mounted on the shaft. As the impeller rotates, a suction pressure is created at the eye of the impeller and the water is being sucked.  The water gains kinetic energy and pressure means head is developed.

The volute, a stationary chamber with a gradually increasing area. This converts the velocity head into the desired pressure head, as the water is delivered to the point of use. To prevent Sediments or other particles present in the water not get into the pump, the pump should installed little height of the tank floor. Usually, the pump is tied to a rope and the other end of the rope is tied at the ground level. This rope is used for installing and removing the pump during maintenance without any extra force.

Advantages of an Open well Submersible Pump

Open well submersible pumps have some advantage compare to monoblock or borewell pump, advantages are count on basis of uses.

  • Relatively cheap and Simple and easily understood and maintained
  • Self- Priming:  They do not need to be primed as these pumps are totally submerged in water. There is no need of suction in this, so it is totally away from cavitations.
  • Efficient: As these pumps are submerged in the water source, it doesn’t need to require a lot of power in extracting water from source. Thus it is save the electricity bill.
  • Ease of installation: No requirement of new foundation for installation and more time.
  • Efficient cooling: Since the pump is submerged in the water it capable of running temperature normal easily.
  • No foot valve is required for this type of pump.

Disadvantages of an Open well Submersible Pump

Along with advantages every products have come with disadvantages and you also need to abide by before selecting any open well pump.

  • One potential problem would occur if a gasket were to rupture or lose its integrity. This would lead the pump to leak, eventually corroding the internal components and causing it to fail.
  • If any failure occurs of the pump may result badly. It becomes difficult to notice the failure, because it is submerged inside water. This kind of failure needs to be repaired or replaced as fast as possible.

How to select Open well submersible pump (Buying guide)

Factors to keep in mind while choosing Open well submersible pumps:

  • Identify the source from which water has to be pumped: This is the most important factor of choosing an open-well submersible pump.
  • Tank size: Look for the pump which having required capacity that matches the water delivery requirement.
  • Motor Power: This parameter is also decided the how long the pump will lift the water. If the pump power is more, than lifting capacity is more. It is measure in Hp or KW.  
  • Head: Head means the height to which a pump can lift water. Depending on the size of the house and depth of the underground tank, the customer should select the head range. The distance between reservoir depth where the pump is seated plus the height at which storage tank is located is the total head and It is measured in feet or metres.

                Total Head = Suction Head + Delivery Head + Friction Loss + Fitting Losses

  • Outlet/Delivery Size: It is the diameter of the pipe through which water is ejected from the pump set. But It should match the size of the pipe connected to our storage tanks. It is generally measured in Inches or mm.
  • Material of Construction: This factor doesn’t affect the performance or application of pump but if one is looking for a product that has longer life, they should go for pumps with Noryl impeller and Stainless Steel motor body.
  • Water or Oil cooled Motor: Both water and oil cooled motor has some specific identity. To know the difference between Water cooled motor and oil cooled motor click here.
  • Friction Loss: Measure the loss of head due to flow through pipeline.
  • Fitting Loss: Measure the loss of head due to the interruption of various fittings. (Gate valve, Check valve & Bends)
  • Delivery pipe size: Delivery pipe size is the diameter of the pipe at pump outlet and It is measured in inches or millimeters. If there is an existing pipeline, the new pump has to match the delivery size and if it is a new pipeline, the delivery size will be decided depending on the distance upto which the water must be delivered.

Application of Openwell Submersible Pumps

In building construction required to lift gallons of water daily. So, it is essential to build multiple storage tanks for the facility. In such situation an Open well submersible pump is required in order to pump water from this reservoir to the overhead tank.

Some other application of openwell pumps are mention below–

  • Irrigation and gardening.
  • Sprinklers and fountains.
  • Hospitals, hostels, swimming pools, commercial complexes and hotels


We hope this article may help you lot to select best submersible pump for you home, office, building etc. Both Open well and bore well submersible pump are effective and capable of throw huge amount of water in less time. Monoblock and submersible pump ahs own characteristic and function, so choose accordingly. You can subscribe our news letter to get update information of any products, so that you own mislead when selecting desired product for you. 


What is open well submersible pump?

Open well Submersible pump is a sealed in an airtight chamber pump that is completely submerged in water.

What happens if a submersible pump runs dry?

The impellers of a submersible pump will quickly begin to melt and fuse together when the water level drops below the intake screen of the pump. Running without water even one time can cause the pump to lock up or seriously degrade the pump’s performance. The impeller, diffuser, shaft seal or motor could be ruined.

What is priming? Does open well submersible pump needs to be primed?

Priming is the first step of starting the pump and the process the water is fill into the pump to submerge the impeller. This process avoids any air traps that can be detrimental for the pumps.

As the pump is submerged in water, priming is not required for open well submersible pumps. To keep in mind that your open-well submersible pump is fully submerged in water.

Are open well pumps safe?

Yes. Open well submersible pumps are safe from electrical shocks as a watertight sealed gasket is prevented from leaking into the unit.

Even the pump must be properly earthed before it is used and do not run the pump without proper earthling.

Can open well submersible pump run horizontally?

No, it will be damaged or burned internally if you run like this.

Can open well pump run dry?

No, it will be damaged or burned internally if you run like this.

Can open well pumps run continuously?

Some branded pumps are designed to run continuously. However, we are remembered that running a pump continuously will cause it to burn out or cause damage to it. For best results, use the pump only when required and turn it off at other times and Pump maintenance is very important for efficient running. Be sure that the pump is checked for maintenance once every six months.

What is the price of openwell submersible pump?

Please go through the above article.

In a 2HP open well pump, how much water is discharged?

Discharge amount is varies according to the size of discharge outlet pipe and head range. If head is about 16m, suction pipe is 65mm and delivery pipe size is 50mm, then discharge water amount would be 240 liter per minute.

How many amperes will a 1 HP open well submersible motor pump take?

Motor name plate contains the parameter of rated Power consumption and corresponding Amp and supply voltage.

Long theoretical answer:

Let P is power in Watt. 1HP = 746 Watt

V=is voltage difference (for three phase, voltage compared to neutral)

I= amp of current

PF as power factor ( phase gap between amp and volt).


PF= 0.85

And let assume V= 220 V for all cases.

So there are three possibilities:

DC motor: Power P= V x A . So A = 746/220= 3.39 Amp.

AC single phase motor: P = V xA x PF ,So A= 746/(220X 0.85)= 3.99 Amp

AC three phase: P = V x A x PF x 3 .So A = 3.99/3 = 1.33 A per supply line.

Which is the best 5 HP open well submersible pump?

Kirloskar 5 H.P Open-well Submersible Pump KOS-550+

Power : 5 HP (3.7 KW)

Phase : Three Phase.

Head Range : 38 to 46 Meter.

Flow rate : 4.10 to 2.2 Lit/Sec.

Inlet / Outlet : 50 X 40 mm (2″ X 1.5″)

Warranty : 1 Year

How do you calculate an open well submersible pump current?

For example, if the pump wattage is 1,200 watts, and the voltage is 120 volts, the current is 1,200 /120 = 10 Amps. T

Formula is Current= Watts/Volts

How do I choose an Rccb rating?

The capacity rating of RCCB to be selected according to the load current capacity. Suppose if you have load of 50 amperes, either single phase /3phase, to select RCCB accordingly.

What rating of RCCB is used for a 3HP 3 phase open well motor pump?

The 30mA RCCB required for 3HP 3 Phase open well motor pump.

How much horsepower is needed to pump the water for 5 floors of a building?

1 HP is enough to lift upto 5 th floor.

What is the most widely used irrigation technique in India?

As per certain statistics, the Indian population is heavily dependent on agriculture and farming as the means of livelihood even today. Our country is known for its fertile soil and suitable climatic conditions for agriculture. Different areas are ideal for growing different types of crops depending on geography and climatic conditions. The irrigation technique for growing these crops will also depend on several factors such as the type of crop, availability of water resource, quantity of rainfall and much more. Some of the most effective irrigation methods used in present time are as follows:

  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Surface irrigation
  • Basin irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Furrow irrigation

In a 2 HP open well pump, how much water is discharged?

0.5 to 2 hp Single Phase Open Well Submersible Pump, Maximum Discharge Flow: 100 – 500 lpm

What type of pump is best for clean water?

Centrifugal pumps are the best Choice. Centrifugal pumps offer the best and most inexpensive solution because the pumps have narrow impeller vanes, which mean that clear water virtually free of debris is the only type of water this pump is able to handle.

What are the best submersible pumps for domestic use?

Read this article “top 10 water pump in India “to know more.

What are the best submersible pumps for agriculture?

Both openwell submersible pump and borewell submersible pump would be the best choice according to availability of water in that area.

What are the best borewell motors?

Read this article “best submersible pumps for borewell” to know more.

Best submersible pump 1 hp price?

For openwell the “Kirloskar KOSi-135 5 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump” and for borewell “

V-Guard Submersible Pump 1HP 10 Stage with Digital Control Panel” would be best for 1hp.

Best submersible pump for borewell?

Read the above article to know this.

Will my Open well go dry if a new bore well is drilled or installed nearby?

Bore wells and open wells are totally different groundwater extraction structures and tapping separate groundwater storages called aquifers. Bore wells tap fractured aquifers in confined or semi confined condition, whereas open wells tap unconfined aquifers only. According to the general principles of Groundwater Hydrogeology confined and semi confined that aquifers are not interconnected as their terminology denotes. So extraction of water from the confined/semi confined aquifer via bore wells will not normally interfere with the adjoining open well tapping the unconfined aquifers. 

But bore well tapping the same aquifer (confined/semi confined) may interfere each other if they the area falls under the same structural area of the other well, while mutually pumping. But there are some places where open wells interfere with the adjacent bore wells if fractures present at the open wells extend deep in to the fractures yielding bore wells. In such scenario there may be chances of open well getting dry. The adjacent open wells may also become dry if bore well casing is not properly fixed in to the bedrock and that if the soil thickness is less and that the fractures are on the same line with the bore well.

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