Best Manual Treadmill

Looking for a treadmill to burn your extra calories and keep you fit, while not running up a huge electricity bill or retail price? Believe it or not, some of the best treadmills on the market are neither motorized nor expensive. We are sharing details about the best manual treadmill reviews in India down below.

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Best Manual Treadmill

1. Leeway Manual Treadmill (Our Choice)

price of manual treadmill


  • Unique innovative design comes with a longer and wider jogging surface
  • Best manual treadmill for walking-Walking and running is smooth and easy
  • It is manufactured with heavy duty and stable steel frame with side handle bars for extra security
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Easy in assembling, It Comes 90% Preinstalled.
  • Monitor display type LCD
  • Item weight 50 Kg
  • Product dimensions 2.79×2.59×1.89 meters(LxWxH)
  • MAX user weight: 120 kg
  • RUNNING SURFACE— Move naturally with the ample walking or jogging surface 46 inches in length and 13 inches wide.
  • RUNNING BELT— Multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface of 1.8mm thickness.
  • ROLLERS— Steel crowned rollers keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise.
  • One of the best non motorized treadmill

Description: It’s time to ramp up your fitness, and burn more calories with the Manual Treadmill by LEEWAY. Research has indicated walking on an incline can burn more calories than running on a flat surface. This manual walking treadmill is equipped with incline and combine the magnetic tension with incline to burn more calories and increase cardiovascular function. 

The state of the flywheel makes this exercise machine smooth, quiet and completely self powered. The non-slip treadmill surface will let you move naturally and unrestricted. You can observe the workout progress from the easy to use LCD digital monitor.  The scan function will repeatedly scroll through all the workout metrics (i.e. speed, distance, calories etc…) for viewing without touching any buttons This function give you a hands free experience to focus more on proper movement during your exercise. The easy storage features include folding capability and this is one of the best manual treadmill in India. 



Customer Rating


  • Daily 20mins will reduce our weight
  • Most affordable, durable, well-built
  • Better than mid range motorized treadmill
  • It comes with 90% pre assembled
  • best manual treadmill for walking or seniors


  • It’s good to have at home for the young and old may not like.
  • No user manual

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2. Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill (Most buying)

manual treadmill for home


  • It has monitoring displays to check speed, distance, calories burned, time, scan and pulse rate
  • Foldable and easy to store ;
  • You will get user manual to guide how to assemble the treadmill. Onsite installation is not available
  • The treadmill has three different inclination levels that needs to be manually adjusted
  • Product weight 34Kg
  • Metal type – aluminum
  • Manual treadmill for 100 Kg person-Max user weight 

Description: The Lifeline manual Treadmill serves the deadly combination of good looks and functionality and most selling best manual treadmill in India . It has a user-friendly dashboard with pre-installed programs like scan, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse. It helps you to monitor your health with finesse. With an ergonomic shape, this is smart and best portable manual treadmill with wheels attached to its bottom. It is an example of durability and strength as it is equipped with stable steel frames. A cast iron pulley provides smooth running motion.

User-friendly dashboard with electronic meter

It introduces a treadmill which has a user-friendly dashboard with an electronic meter. The electronic meter has pre-installed programs like scan, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse which help you to monitor your progress with elan.

Flaunts a wider jogging surface

Now, you can easily run or jog on the treadmill without fears of space issues on this treadmill. It flaunts a wider and longer jogging surface and it facilitates the scope of easy leg movement without worries of unwanted space shortage.

A portable treadmill

You can run and jog on this treadmill in any room of your loved one. The portable treadmill is equipped with wheels which make it portable and easy to transport from one place to another without any hassles!

Provides a smooth and efficient running motion

The Lifeline treadmill have precisely balanced cast iron pulley which provides a smooth, efficient and noise-free running motion. Moreover, the cast iron pulley adds stability and durability to the device.

Durable design promotes longevity of the treadmill

This Manual Treadmill has a long shelf-life. It is comes with a heavy-duty, stable steel frame with side handle bars which provide the advantages of durability and stability of the device.

Self-locking main frame

The Manual Treadmill from Lifeline never compromises on safety and security. The device has a self-locking main frame which provides safety to users while the upright bars help in providing greater support and stability to the treadmill.



Customer Rating


  • Value for money
  • Very compact and easy to use


  • The instruction manual is not guided assemble properly.
  • If you were practicing in motorized treadmill, then may feel unusual.
  • Breadth of the walking surface is small
  • Handle grip is of poor quality

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3. Lifeline LFMANTRD4-1 Treadmill (Most Versatile)

manual treadmill reviews


  • The treadmill integrated with beautiful dash board with electronic meter having tracking function of scan, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse.
  • It has stepper which is help in improving heart and circulatory function and ideal in strengthening leg muscles.
  • The twister plate to work on slimming your waist.
  • The treadmill has bars at bottom for manual dips, foldable for easy to store, provision of wheels for easy portability
  • It is comes with heavy duty and strong steel frame with side handle bars of extra security, self locking of main frame with the upright bars keep the base firmly held, providing, a greater stability
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Treadmill, tool and instruction manual
  • Dimension(LxWxH): 3 feet, 2feet and 12 feet
  • Item weight- 50 Kg

Description: The Lifeline LFMANTRD 4-1 is one of the best manual treadmills to buy for your home gym. It comes with three incline levels and can be manually adjusted to increase the intensity of your workout session. The treadmill has a compact and foldable design that enables you to store it conveniently at home and can be easily placed in the closet or under the bed when not in use. It also attach with wheels making it portable.

The model has a sturdy and heavy-duty steel construction which ensures a comfortable and highly stable workout session for users with a maximum weight of 95 kg and manual treadmill price is given below.



Customer Rating


  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile use-can perform many exercise


  • Sometimes showing wrong parameter in electronic meter.

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4. Kamachi 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill

manual treadmill under desk Highlight:

  • It is very simple and easy to install, Owner’s manual provided inside the box.
  • It has 1 Year Frame Warranty
  • It equipped with Twister for shaping waist, stomach and hips, Hydraulic stepper for toning up legs, calf muscles and Push bar for pump up the chest.
  • Maximum user weight- 105 kgs.
  • Incline- Manual incline adjustment.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Electro meter with 5 LCDs displays to monitor speed, heart pulse, time, distance and calories burned.
  • In-Box Content: Kamachi 4 in 1 Manual Multipurpose Treadmill, user manual
  • Item weight: 32 Kg
  • Size: Standard

Description: This is best manual treadmill from the brand Kamachi.  This one is a good buy for your home gym for a comfortable and smooth running experience. This multipurpose manual treadmill is not only ideal for jogging or running but also come with the features including aerobic twister, stepper, and push up bar for the whole body workout. It has wider running surface which is extremely good for comfortable walking or running. It comes with extra features which is not seen in manual treadmill is a pulse sensor on the handle that keeps you know about your pulse rate while jogging or running on it.

This treadmill comes with multiple inclination levels, by using in different position, you will get a more challenging workout. With these help of inclination level setups, you can burn more fat in a short period. Even It is equipped with an advanced electrometer display that shows you different stats including speed, distance, time, and calories burned. This non motorized treadmill is well designed, keeping in mind about portability ( Foldable) that lets you conveniently store in a small area.



Customer Rating


  • Very economical product, offers variety of workouts at a great price.
  • Good product quality


  • If you were practicing in motorized treadmill, then may feel unusual.

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5. Cosco CTM 510 Manual Treadmill

best manual treadmill for running


  • Wide surface for walking
  • Stepper jogger twister Push up bar
  • 3 level manual Incline
  • Deck Dimension : 15 inch x47 inch
  • Net weight: 38 Kgs
  • Running belt: 15×47″
  • Max user weight: 100 Kgs
  • Incine: 3 level manual incline
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Functios: 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill, Convenient Running Area. Twister,Stepper & Pushup Exercise
  • Display: Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Pulse

Description: Workouts have started taking a back seat in most of our lives because of our hectic work schedules and other family and personal commitments. It is becoming difficult to set time to exercise. Because outdoor exercises are not always possible because of the change in weather conditions.

The Cosco CTM-510 A Treadmill is a multifunctional manual treadmill , can perform varieties workout . Cosco, which is a well known brand in the fitness industry, lets you exercise your whole body just by installing a single machine. Sticking with one particular type of workout is not enough for the body. The workout routine needs to be equally spread for upper body, lower body, arms and legs.

So the Cosco CTM-510 A is a multifunctional treadmill and is the perfect appliance for your daily workout.  Even the price of the equipment is reasonable, making it a value for money multifunctional treadmill.



Customer Rating


  • The quality is super. Materials quality is amazing
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile use-can perform many exercise


  • If you were practicing in motorized treadmill, then may feel unusual.

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6.Kamachi Manual Treadmill-101

best non motorized treadmill


  • Running surface is 14inch x 41inch
  • LCD Display monitor shows distance, calories, speed and time
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Item weight 25 kg
  • Max user weight 100kg
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Treadmill and Accessories
  • Heavy duty and stable frame
  • Side handle bar

Description:  Kamachi 101 Manual treadmills give a decent workout to the lower body as all the force is coming from the legs and not the machine.


The kamachi 101 treadmill comes with a safety lock which holds the machine in a folded position and prevents it from falling over when stored in an upright position. The wheels under the treadmill make it more convenient and easy to move the treadmill around.


This treadmill equipped with the digital display and also features a single function button for changing the mode.



Customer Rating


  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact, best for home use


  • Small size
  • More effort is put to walk when compared to motorized treadmill

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What is Manual Treadmill?

How does a manual treadmill work and what does manual treadmill means? As the name suggested, manual treadmill is the exercise machine that doesn’t required any electric supply or motor to run it. It is run by user own power by forcing their leg on belt of the treadmill.  It is pickup speed as walk or run fast and slow down as you slow-down your walking or running speed. As the belt movement is controlled by motor, attached with motorized treadmill, but it is little bit difficult the belt movement on manual treadmill.

A Manual Treadmill usually comes with a frame as well as a platform along with the belt going around it. Some advanced models also come with a display monitor but are simpler than its motorized counterparts.

Different types of manual treadmills

There are two types of manual treadmill, one is traditional treadmill and another one is curved treadmill.

Traditional Manual Treadmills

This traditional manual treadmill doesn’t have motor. The walking or running belt move on plain surface. The running surface is plain and the moving belt wrapping around the plain place. When user pushing the feet on the surface, the belt moves on. This needs some extra force from user to walk on run it. This thing might be irritating for some user, those who does to put extra force on leg. But the cost is very low compare to motorized treadmill or curved treadmill.

It is best for:

  • Users who just want to walk
  • The ability to place your tread anywhere since it is lightweight and doesn’t require a plug
  • Those who don’t care about extra tech
  • Walkers looking for something simple that is easy to get on and off

Curved Treadmill

Curved Treadmills usually have a slat belt design. The original curved treadmill is the Woodway tread, which was designed in Germany in 1974. A curved treadmill uses the biomechanics of running to propel the belt forward and is designed to stimulate more muscle engagement in the legs and torso.  However, the advantages and user friendly behavior of curved treadmills have made them more popular in the last few years.

Curved Treadmills are best for:

  • Those with good balance and muscle strength
  • Coaches and gym owners who train conditioned athletes
  • Runners who want more advanced training and biofeedback

Manual Treadmill Vs Motorized Treadmill

There are two types of treadmills: one is manual and another motorized or electric. Both of these treadmills are useful or good for a workout. Choosing a treadmill can be a challenging and time consuming process. First, you have to decide whether you need manual or electric treadmill. They both have their pros and cons, and there is no best fitness machine for everyone’s needs or training intensity. Everyone is different (e.g. their weight goal, intensity, pace and needs), so weigh the pros and cons of each treadmill based on your training needs, to figure out what type of machine you need. So know the difference between manual treadmill and electric treadmill( manual treadmill Vs electric treadmill)

Manual treadmills

They are more suited who don’t require multiple program workouts of motorized treadmills. If your training plan is a simple exercise such as running or walking, you don’t mind using your legs to move the belt and you don’t have loose a great amount of weight, then a manual treadmill is a great option for you. They are very cheap compared to a motorized treadmill. Manual treadmill is powered by you as you walk or run. Your feet will push the treadmill belt back over a smooth surface or a series of rollers of treadmill. Like this the treadmill speeds up and slows down according to your effort. Unfortunately this machine has drawbacks.

The disadvantage of using a manual treadmill is the strain which will put on your knees and hip joints. Using them might cause you all sort of showing problems in the long run since you have to use your legs to move the belt. They are often quite difficult to get moving without using an extreme incline and once moving you can’t change the incline. Even the low price also compromises the sturdiness of construction material. Manual treadmills also have the drawback of being slower and more difficult to operate because the user powers the belt. If the exerciser begins to tire and slow down the belt slow down too.

Motorized treadmills

On the other hand with a motorist treadmill you select the speed you own and it is all motorized you don’t need to push the belt. Actually you need to keep up with the belt as it continues to get the same speed. Forcing the exercise to keep going at that speed. Motorized Treadmills are very costly compared to manual treadmills. Few high-quality electronic treadmills retail for under 30000Rs.

There are motorized treadmills in cheap price but it’s not likely to perform the way you would one want. The most inexpensive treadmills are better suited for working than running. An electronic treadmill will give you a constant steady speed throughout the workout more than a manual treadmill. Manual treadmills have no speed or timing setting that will help you burn calories. Since your speed is determined by how fast or slow you work the belt, whereas an electronic treadmill does and is able to keep you a steady work out.electric

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Manual Treadmill Benefits

Is manual treadmill good? The manual treadmill is not powered by electricity, but by your own effort to move the belt while walking or running. Your pace and motion control the speed. Popular electric models come with computerized settings, speeds and inclines that can target specific areas of the body, or even certain training regimens, such as strength training and interval training. Though these motorized treadmills have an array of benefits, manual treadmills can be more convenient, as they are easier to store and don’t require an electric outlet. They do not have the varied settings and many features, but do provide a beneficial cardiovascular workout routine at a low price.

Is a manual treadmill worth it? A manual treadmill is inexpensive way to exercise indoors and keep you fit. On the other hand automatic treadmill is very expensive and may require yearly maintenance. The manual can be purchased for under 10000Rs. With a manual treadmill you can avoid weather-related circumstance that may interfere with your workout. You can do much workout form like run, power walk, walk, lunge and side skip on a manual treadmill, just as if you were on an automatic treadmill. In manual treadmill you cannot set your own speed, but you can build your own speed by walking or running gradually. You can start the workout process by walking, followed by a power walk, followed by the jog and then ending in a sprint.

It is important to note that there is not an emergency button to halt the moving belt instantly, as with most electronic models. For stopping, you need to get off suddenly, grab hold of the handles and jump so both feet land on the platforms around moving belt or you need to slow down gradually. Moreover, manual treadmill are lightweight, easy to store and do not require an electronic outlet. Some models also having fold up option, so they can fit in the closet or under a bed. Even some models have wheels on the front, allowing you to roll the treadmill from room to room without any hassle. Due to not needing electricity the manual treadmill can even be brought on porch or outdoor, if you desired to exercise in the fresh air.

How to run on manual treadmill to lose weight?

Can you run on manual treadmill or are manual treadmill hard to use? Manual treadmills contribute to cardio fitness and efficiently burn calories but they don’t coddle slackers. Instead of power assisted running, manual treadmill requires hard work.

Step 1: choose appropriate clothing

Wear shorts or comfortable long fans when running on a manual treadmill. The running surface of the treadmill may put stress on the feet and will require good running shoes.

Step 2: prefer distraction

Not many runners actually focus on running. Most of use mental tricks or electronic entertainment to circumvent any habitual aversion to activity. Place the treadmill in front of a television and coincide your workouts with your favorite TV programs or time your work out with a handset in your favorite musical selections.

Step 3: set the incline according to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Since manual treadmills depend on the user for power, so the belt of the machine must be set to the user’s weight.  There is a hook under the running surface , properly set level according to your incline work out regimes.

Step 4: start slowly

First, stepping forward and pushing back the treadmill belt with your legs. Change the speeds gradually when accelerating or coming to a stop.

Step 5: Use the handles of the machine only when starting and stopping

 Resting on the machine robs users of the machine’s real benefits. Once the manual treadmill reaches running speed, released the handles and keep going. 

Manual Treadmill Buying Guide

Before buying manual treadmill, you need to know some parameter or features.

Deck Length or Running Surface

The running surface length is one of the most important factors for the user. Check the surface length and width, is it match with your walking or running stride. Choose the longer treadmill for long person and may go for shorter length for those, who have less height.

Space in room

Before choosing any treadmill, first decide where you will keep in your room. Don’t buy over size treadmill which will create more problems to place in your room.

Max User Weight

You should consider how much maximum user weight the treadmill should bear it. According, you have to ensure that every person who will use your treadmill is within the max user weight limit.

Durability & Stability

Even Manual treadmill is quite simple in structure, though you need to check the materials that are used to make the treadmill. Check the treadmill frame, running surface, belt to make sure that your curved treadmill is strong and steady.

Setup & Portability

As manual treadmill doesn’t required electricity, it is easy to set up and convenient to use anywhere. Motorized treadmills are heavy and difficult to move around. But manual treadmill makes life easy with portability.

Operating level

The advanced models of manual treadmills offers the magnetic resistance feature that lets you set the level of difficulty you want in your workout. It also offers a smooth ride.

Length of Handle

For a comfortable grip and more convenient workout, it is better to go for the one with larger handles.

Incline setting

The manual treadmills with incline settings are great option to burn more calories in a short time. You can change your own incline setting for the more challenging workout.

Workout Programs

Some of the latest models also integrated with the inbuilt workout programs designed by the professional. It makes your workout experience more amazing.  Actually this feature is very beneficial for the beginners for an effective workout.

Monitoring Display

If you buy manual treadmill with monitoring display would be best investment. Some manual treadmill models have small onboard consoles to show your speed, distance, time, calories, burnt, and much more. It helps to keep motivated to achieve your health goals.


Make sure the manual treadmill having more warranty for hassle free service and product safety.


Can you run on a manual treadmill?

Manual Treadmills are too slow for running. But the problem is that most manual treadmills has limitation, and this means that you can’t run on manual treadmill fast.

Are manual treadmills good for walking?

Actually, a manual treadmill is better for shorter bursts of activity, not a longer period of jogging or running. A manual treadmill will not suitable for long-distance running like many electric models do. However, you can still use it as part of a larger cardio workout.

How many calories can i burn on a manual treadmill?

If you walking at 3.5 mph, a 84 Kg person may burn about 360 calories per hour; at 4 mph, can burn about 400 calories per hour.

What does manual treadmill mean?

It’s called a manual or self-powered treadmill because of the motion that sets the belt into action. When you walk or run on this kind of a treadmill, the movement of your feet causes the machine’s belt to start moving.

Can you lose weight with a manual treadmill?

It’s the low-cost machine for exercise and losing weight at home, those who can’t afford the expensive and motorized treadmill. By maintaining a good exercise routine and having controlled food habit, you can burn calories faster.

Do manual treadmills burn more calories?

It may burn, because it needs extra effort to walk or run on it. But it may harm to your knee or back. So go for motorized or curved treadmill.

Which manual treadmill is best?

The curved treadmill is our pick for Best Overall Manual Treadmill. It makes the high-end engineering of a curved manual treadmill accessible for all types of runners. But curved manual treadmills are typically priced well over $4000!

How does manual treadmill work?

Read the above article.

How does manual incline work on treadmill?

In manual treadmill, you have to change the incline manually as per your requirement. To change incline setting, you have to lift it up and spin knobs until you get the treadmill even on both sides and to the height you want it at.

How do you oil a manual treadmill?

First place a towel underneath the treadmill to protect the floor from dripping lubricant. Then wipe the treadmill belt and deck with a clean, dry cloth before applying the lubricant. Rub the lubricant in an even layer and on the underside of the belt just in the middle. If possible lift up the belt slightly to reach the underside.

What happens if you don’t lubricate a treadmill?

The reason behind treadmills need lubrication is to stop the motor overworking, and to keep the belt running smoothly. Over time, if you don’t lubricate the belt then you will put additional stress on the motor, which can lead to an expensive repair down the line.

Is manual treadmill bad for knees?

Actually, running in outdoor may lead to more knee injuries than using treadmill. Because some treadmill having cushioning that reduce the pressure on knees and joints. But in excess can lead to damage in knee and hip joints in the longer run on treadmill, especially on manual treadmill. Because continuous high pressure and strain on knees can affect the ligaments and cartilage. So, it is recommended to limit the usage time daily or use proper running shoes to maintain proper knee health.

How long does a manual treadmill last?

According to several manufacturers, manual treadmills last around 10 to 12 years on an average. But it is depending the usage, care, and maintenance. If you not care properly, then even high-end ones will not last long.

Are manual treadmills cheap?

Yes. It is cheap compare to motorized or curved treadmill. But you have compromise with features and comfortness. Best cheap manual treadmill price list are mention above article. 

Is manual treadmill better than automatic?

No. With a manual treadmill, you push the belt with your feet and it moves the belt. With a motorized treadmill you keep pace as the treadmill motor moves the belt by electrically. Thus you can set your desired exercise routine properly and keep maintain the fat burning fast.

Is it better to buy an electric treadmill or a manual treadmill?

Read above article.

Which brand provides better quality and service in a manual treadmill for less than 20 k INR?

1)Leeway Manual Treadmill

2) Lifeline LYSN5213 Manual Treadmill

3) Kamachi 4 in 1 Manual Multipurpose Treadmill

What should we see to buy a manual treadmill?

Read above article.

Are manual treadmills worth it for someone who wants to walk up to 3mph at home?

Yes. Manual treadmill is quite good for only walking. If you are looking for treadmill, especially for walking then go for manual treadmill. This would the best option in low budget.

Which manual treadmill is good for home usage for a budget of around 10000 Rupees in India?

Kamachi Manual Treadmill-101

Kamachi -101 Manual treadmill * belt size 14″ X 41″ * maximum user weight 100 kg * cartoon size 1180* 580* 175 mm * assembly size 1147* 567* 1145 mm * computer – scan, time, speed, distance calories bigger running surface are for the comfortable walking & running. It can burn more calories per hour than other indoor fitness equipment. Excellent to burn body fat, slim down legs, thighs, hips and keeps you in shape. Fitting to be done by you.

Is walking on a manual treadmill good for lowering blood pressure?

Any physical exercise will be of help in lowering blood pressure having a stinger heart will be your target and lowering your heart rate at rest is the goal. Walking is a good start to any physical exercise and you should try to walk as quickly as possible to achieve a higher heart rate during your walks.

How do you make a manual treadmill belt run smoother?

Inspect the treadmill bell on every 15 days or 500km, whichever is early. Ensure the belt is kept tight and centered. First clean the belt and under surface of the belt with a clean cotton cloth. After that apply oil on belt and increase the amount according to dryness of the belt. Even don’t forget to apply grease on pilots of front and back rollers.

What is the best exercise equipment at home?

Treadmill is the best exercise equipment at home.

Manual treadmill price

check the price on amazon.


Both the manual and the electronic treadmills have pros and cons. However the manual treadmill is not an ideal fitness machine, unless you are fit to posh the belt so you can exercise. If you’re after a sturdy and continuous workout, the motorized treadmill or curved treadmill is recommended for maximum calorie burning and exercise convenient. So reading this article “best manual treadmill” reviews may help you find the proper manual treadmill for you.

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