Best Folding Treadmill in India

If you are inspired and thinking to finally build the home gym of your dreams, but you’re certainly not alone. You maybe constrain due to less space for home gym for bulkiness of traditional treadmill.  Don’t worry as long as you have enough space to roll out a yoga mat, you have sufficient room for a treadmill — especially if it’s a best folding treadmill in India, which can easily be stashed under sofa, or even in a closet and a bed,  when it’s not in use.

Even though you don’t have to give up any fancy features, either.  Compact and reliable are two traits that don’t always found hand-in-hand when it matters to folding treadmills. There is plenty of folding treadmill options in market that can track your miles, incline and connect to Bluetooth without sacrificing function. Down below you will get list of the best folding treadmills currently available contain durable models designed with innovative folding features and reliable, sturdy frames. They’re ideal for in-home use where space is a concern, but just because they’re easily foldable and compact doesn’t mean that they are reliability or stability.

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Best folding treadmill

We have sorted out the best and listed below the most advisable best folding treadmill in India below-

1. WELCARE MAXPRO PTM-X1 2HPMotorized Foldable Treadmill ( Our Choice )

foldable treadmill for home

Welcare comapny mission is to serve the society by providing right solutions and help people to lead active and healthy lifestyle. It has 70 Exclusive Brand stores, 2000+ Gym installation and Growing every day and 200,000+ Happy Users Across nation | They have exclusive – Customer Care Department – Life time service Support.


2 HP Motor works quietly regardless of the speed and intensity of the workout.


Multi-functional LED display that allows user to Track progress in distance, time, speed and calories burned.


It has wide speed range option from 1 – 8 km/h. which allows you to adjust the speed by remote control according to your physical condition and your exercise needs

Running surface

Spacious walking area of 1125x425mm. The shock-absorbing structure anti-skid noise reduction running belt which tend to provide safe cushioning for your joints, knees, ankles, back and muscles.

Space to keep

Folding design with built-in wheels allows you to store upright in a cupboard or slot it under a bed or when you’re not using it. It is space saving and easy to set up almost anywhere in your home, making it a convenient addition to your daily exercise routine

User Weigh

Support maximum weight up to 90kgs.


The treadmill comes with 1 Year Motor Warranty, 1 Year Part Warranty, Life time Frame Warranty. Company suggested to use 4Kva stabilizer for safety of motor.



Customer Rating


  • It is the thinnest and keep in narrow space and easy to move.
  • Machine is very smart looking, looks an innovative design
  • Easy usage, installation and good to use even for senior citizens.
  • It is stable & noiseless
  • Value for money


  • Remote control needs to be used carefully as there is no manual option on the treadmill to start and stop.

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2. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill (Best Seller)

foldable treadmill

PowerMax Fitness high-quality, foldable treadmill offers the perfect space saving solution for your home gym and is ideal for everyday running. This treadmill saves space without sacrificing quality and will keep your treadmill workouts challenging and effective. This treadmill is easy to use and Keep running and burn calories to keep fit and enjoy a healthy life. Now stop daydreaming and thinking and experience the future of training today with PowerMax Fitness TDM-98. It has some ultimate features mention below-

LED Display with Pre-set Programs

During workout you can see the speed, time, distance, calories, incline level & pulse through LED Display.  It has 12 preloaded programs, Apart from you can also choose to focus on calories burning, time or distance training goals. With PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 features, you can choose specific and effective workout.

Heart Rate Sensor

By placing your palm on the handle grip pulse sensor you to monitor your heart rate , allowing you to keep within your target zone.

Built In Speakers & Audio iPhone/MP3 Connections

This Treadmill is also equipped with AUX input to listen music from your mobile or MP3 player while exercising and keeps your spirit level up.

USB Connection

You can also play music by plug-in an USB Pen Drive loaded with your favorite list of MP3 songs.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

Maximum user weight capacity is 90 kg. But PowerMax recommend to keep in mind extra 25Kg buffer for running. For example if your weight is 60 Kg or less then it would be better to buy treadmill with max user weight capacity of 85Kg.

Anti-Skid Running Belt with 6-Ply Running Board

The treadmill equipped with 1.8mm thick Multi-Ply polyester satin weave multi-layer running belt helps to reduce shock and PVC non-slip surface is skid proof and rebound resilience function. It provides you to run with comfort and durability. To reduces impact on your joints the Cast Steel Resistance & 6-Ply running board damping system provides responsive and slightly bouncy surface to conserves your energy.

Low Running Deck Design

The TDM-98 comes with Low profile running deck design, which makes you feel safe and closer to the surface.

Quiet Energy Saving Motor

It has a powerful motor with 99% all copper core, developed by University of Munich. The treadmill controls the noise within 68DB so that you can enjoy the quiet running and no disturbance to neighbors.

Foldable with Manual Lock

Space Saving with its compact and ideal design to fit in any one of your rooms, foldable to be stored inside your closet and near the shelf.

Comfortable Running Track

With 43.3”x 15.75” running area provides you a wide and capacious running environment.

Auto Stop Safety Function

TDM-98 treadmill has a built in auto-stop function and minimizes the risk of injury. When running you can simply attach the safety clip to your clothes and start run. It will auto stop automatically if you fall or drift back dangerously on the treadmill.

Independent CPU

It has best quality chip provided by famous controller manufacture.


Precision-machined, steel crowned rollers with dynamic balancing ensures smooth movement of running belt and keeps the belt centered and increases life of bearings and running belt.

Life Time Frame Warranty

Heavy gauge steel mainframe of Treadmill with 3 layers of Quality paint prevents corrosion and ensures longer life of Treadmill. The iron alloy for its frame gives you a stronger, more reliable piece of gym equipment that won’t wear out soon after you buy it.

Installation & Service Support

It comes in 90% pre-assembled state. For rest of 10% installation it has necessary tools in package. You may also refer Installation video present in the image tab and on official YouTube channel. PowerMax Provide onsite service support all across India and for any service support PowerMax technician would reach onsite within 48-72 hours on the customer cost.



Customer Rating


  • Can walk continuously 30-40 mins at a 5-6km speed or 15 min twice daily
  • It is convenient to transport it anywhere in the house
  • Overall a good product with respect to prize range


  • In music system you cannot skip or browse songs, only control on volume.
  • Display Functions could have been improved
  • For fat or big person may feel congested of running platform

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3.PowerMax Fitness® TDM-100M (2.0HP) Motorized Foldable, Electric Treadmill ( Multipurpose)

portable foldable treadmill price

The Powermax Fitness TDM-100M Treadmill offers users a high quality and space saving treadmill all in one.  If you are tight on space and still want a treadmill, the Powermax Fitness TDM-100M will help conserve space with this high quality runner’s and get a great workout. The TDM-100M is actually small enough and without having to disassemble you can fold up and store in the corner of a room with a size less than one square meter .

LED Display

For better watching experience it features with 5″ LED display . It shows Calories, Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse and Incline. On the operate panel it also has water bottle holder, ipad holder and accessories holder.

Pre-Set Workout Programs

Pre-set workout programs are to keep your workouts fresh, challenging and fun. Each workout is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer so that you can maximize your time and get a great workout

Heart Rate Sensor on Crossbar Handle

You can monitor your heart rate by placing your palm on the sensor, allowing you to keep within your target zone.

Built In Speakers with AUX input

While exercising and keeps you in good mood this Treadmill is also equipped with AUX input to listen music from your iPhone or MP3 playe .

Maximum User Weight Capacity

Maximum user weight capacity is of 105 kg and recommend having extra 25Kg buffer for running. For example if your weight is 70 Kg or less then it would be better to buy treadmill with max user weight capacity of 95Kg

Semi-Auto Lubrication

Adding lubrication oil to your treadmill time by time is a hectic job. The Semi-Auto Lubrication feature makes the maintenance job simple, clean and ensures zero friction and smooth movement while using treadmill. It helps to improve motor and running belt life.

Multifunction Utilities

This treadmill is loaded with Multifunction utility including Powerful Massager for Thigh, Stomach, Hips,  etc and Sit-up Bracket.

Dual Spring Shock Absorption with Double Layer Running Board

The Dual Spring Shock Absorption System provides the perfect measure of cushioning by reducing the shock that comes along the front of the deck.

While the Double Layer Running Board reduces stress on your ankles, hips and knees by instantaneously adjusting the belt speed to match the slowing and accelerating movement of your foot as you walk or run.

Anti-Skid Running Belt with 6-Ply Running Board

Now run with comfort and durability with the 1.8mm thick Multi-Ply polyester satin weave multi-layer running belt helps to reduce shock and PVC non-slip surface for better, skid proof and rebound resilience function.

Hydraulic Soft-drop System(HSS) Folding

The HSS folding system allows you to unfold the treadmills by simply kicking the yellow tube and lowering the treadmill. This exclusive HSS supports the weight of the treadmill when you are going to lowered and lifted.

Quiet Energy Saving Motor

The powerful motor is developed by University of Munich which having 99% all copper core. It can suppress the noise within 68DB which give you quiet running and no disturbance to neighbors.

Comfortable Running Track

The treadmill provides you a capacious running environment with upgraded running track with 49.6”x 16.9” running

Auto Stop Safety Function

TDM-100M treadmill has a built in auto-stop function and helps to minimize the risk of injury. When running just simply attach the safety clip to your clothes and start walk or run normally. It will auto stop if you drift back or fall dangerously on the treadmill.

Independent CPU

It has best quality, moisture Proof, water resistant and dustproof chip which provides precision controller.


It ensures smooth movement of running belt and increases life of bearings and running belt by precision-machined, steel crowned rollers with dynamic balancing keeps the belt centered.

Life Time Frame Warranty

The treadmills use tough iron alloy for its frame and heavy gauge steel mainframe of Treadmill with 3 layers of Quality paint prevents corrosion and ensures longer life of Treadmill.

Installation and Service Support

The treadmill Comes in 90% assembled state and provides tools for DIY installation. You can follow Installation video present in the image tab and on official YouTube channel and onsite service support all across India.



Customer Rating


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Noise less motor running
  • Easy to operate old people around 60 years of age
  • Maximum 30 mins continue use
  • It has Two separate cables- one for mill and another for massager.
  • Good build quality.
  • Easily maneuverable to different places


  • Speaker quality is upto mark
  • The display panel is very old fashioned
  • Best for user weight less than 90kgs

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4. MAXPRO PTM405 2HP (4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill ( Best in Budget )

folding running machine

The treadmill boasts a concise and innovative design that features space-saving folding design. This folding treadmill yet reliable, sturdy frame for easy storage. You can set the running speed according to your needs and perfect tool for losing weight or increasing endurance.


The soft drop mechanism provides safe, hassle-free unfolding every time. You can fold your treadmill for storage and unfold your treadmill with just press of button. Built-in transportation wheels for easy relocation.


Treadmill comes with AUX input to listen music from your mobile or MP3 player while exercising. You can also play your favorite list of MP3 songs by connecting an USB Pen Drive. On control panel board it has mobile & tablet holder for safe keeping your smart devices while running. It has wheels for easy transportation.


Three levels of manual incline settings help you burn more calories, increase endurance and build more muscle.

Powerful Motor

2.0 HP (4 HP Peak) DC quite motor deliver power for interval, speed, or endurance training .


5” Blue LCD display, Display reading – Hand Pulse, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories.


1 to 14 km/hr Speed levels available, you can select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based.

Max user weigh

The treadmill can support 110kg maximum user weight.


For efficient workout and easiness it has 12 pre-set & H1-H3 Program. Even the treadmill has built-in thumb sensors heart rate monitor that help you monitor your heart rate throughout your workout

Running surface

It comes with (L x W) – 1150 X 420mm multi-layered running belt reduces sudden shocks. The textured material offers make it easy to use and optimum traction without compromising on its functionality.


The treadmill has life time frame warranty, 1-Year product and motor warranty, Free on- site Product Installation and demo at 100 smart cities. You can also register for installation or also get support over Video call for installation at remote locations. Company suggested using 4Kva stabilizer for safety of motor.



Customer Rating


  • it can easily handle below 90 kg weights
  • Less noise of motor
  • Value for money at this price point
  • Easy to use and maintenance


  • Quality of sound could have been better
  • Feel narrowness for heavy weight person
  • There is No Pause button. So, if you take a break to sip water, you need to start all over it.

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5.UrbanTrek™ TD-M4 (2.0HP) Ultra-Compact Foldable Treadmill ( Slim & Stylish)

small foldable treadmill

Urbantrek  TD-M4 is a modern light weight design treadmill which subvert with tradition treadmill with folding storage less than 0.5 square meter for your ambition to lose weight. The all new Urbantreak TD-M4 has top speed of 14km/hr powered by 2.0HP hi torque DC LAMMER motor and equipped with 4 rubber ballon. PowerFlex precision cushioning by which you can challenge to take your fitness to the next level. The treadmill features meet modern technology so your exercise is quick, hassle free, convenient and most importantly fun.

Heart Rate Sensor

Hand heart rate monitoring can take of your exercise intensity and help you to find the most suitable exercise mode to fit your heart rate.

Connect treadmill via Mobile App

Put the complex traditional console into a mobile phone App with the upgrade of App, the function can expand without limits. The treadmill can be controlled by mobile App connecting via Bluetooth.

Silkworm cushioning system

The shock absorption technology stems from the principle of cushioning of professional running shoes. It uses inert material to wrap the springs. It absorbs the impact force and removes most of the back.

Folding with space saving Design

It has one-click folding and upright storage. You can fold the bar 90* fast folding. To move from one room to another easily it has Wheels.

Running surface

The treadmill having running Surface (L x W) _ 49.2 x 16.9inches / 1250 x 430mm which is strong and long lasting. The Speed limit is 1.0 – 14.0 km/hr and can handle Max User Weight: 100KG.


3-LED Display – Speed, Distance, Calories, Time and Heart Rate


3 Pre-set Programs for efficient workout & 3 Target based Modes. You can charge mobile through USB port, Semi-Auto Lubrication for Easy Maintenance.


Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty



Customer Rating


  • Works smoothly and easily fold the handle at your convenience.
  • Sturdy design and decent space to run or do a normal walk.
  • Speed change buttons are simple and straightforward.


  • Does make little belt noise but it may fixed after servicing.
  • It’s not easy to move due to heavy weight treadmill due to its sturdiness and good quality motor

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Folding Treadmills Buying Guide

When you have set your mind that you want to buy a treadmill, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether you want a regular treadmill or folding treadmill. To help you decide, you need to evaluate space in your home for treadmill and determine whether or not you need fold or regular treadmill.

You must think that everyone opts for a folding treadmill simply because it’s portability and compactness, but that isn’t true in all case. In fact, many people prefer the regular treadmill and just letting it keep in fixed place. Where the folding treadmill really overcome if you just don’t have the space to put a regular treadmill, and therefore have no other option.

So you want to have folding treadmill to tune muscle, must know some parameter before buying. You might surprise that the folding treadmill options have significantly improved over the past few years, so now a day’s folding treadmills are more features, incredibly easily and may also be lighter than the ones that don’t fold. Following guideline makes you easier for getting the perfect folding treadmill your budget and needs.


It is always advised not to opt for cheap treadmills with less motor power as even when they have advanced features. We always advised to have a minimum of 3.0 HP for treadmills for running and 2.5 HP for treadmills for walkers. Normally the treadmills do not have much power, it does not perform properly and thereby hampering your workout session and life of motor.


Folding treadmills are a best option for small spaces, because they’re easy to store any place. But when unfolded, a folding treadmill can occupy as same space as a regular treadmill. So you need double-check a folding treadmill’s unfolded dimensions before buying.

Wider Running Surface

The running surface of treadmill depends according to your height and weight. So we always recommended running on the treadmill before you make a purchase. Generally, most of the treadmills are manufactured with a standard running surface but again you need to check for any wrong decision. Wider running surface helps in exercising comfortably, much comfortable and freely.

Easy to Fold

The folding treadmill can folds, but it may be difficult to do so for someone. If you have any problems with your knees, back, or neck this is definitely a consideration. Not only can it be difficult to fold the treadmill up, but it may also be a uneasy to control the unfolding speed so it doesn’t smash on floor. So look for treadmills that have an easy fold/unfold feature using hydraulics for smooth operation.

Easy to Move

You may want a folding treadmill; look for how easy it is to move will be an important factor. So find models where four recessed wheels come out when the treadmill is folded, making it much easier to move. Many treadmills need to tilt the heavy treadmill back on two wheels to push it around.


For longer time to go with one treadmill, you need to check the stability and durability. If you are looking for cheap treadmill, then have to compromise with quality. The person having more weight should look for strong and stable treadmill, cheap treadmill may show problem in ling run. We will get high quality treadmill around Rs30000 price tag.

Weight Capacity

All treadmills have different range of weight support of users. So before buying, you’ll want to make sure a treadmill is sturdy enough to suit your weight while using treadmill for working out.

Maximum Speed

If you’re a fan of running, you’ll want to make sure your treadmill can pick up your desire speed. All treadmill having different speed range, many folding treadmills can reach speeds up to 10 MPH and some can reach speeds up to 12 MPH. So chose a treadmill having a good level of maximum speed (and whether it suits your needs) before buying.


If you love an uphill workout, you need to have a treadmill with adjustable incline settings. Many folding treadmills offer inclines up to 14 percent, and some even offer declines up to 6 percent. Even some others offer no incline settings at all. Just consider the kinds of workouts you like to do, and make sure the machine you’re looking for is capable of delivering them.


Docks for USB ports, smartphones & bottle holder, heartbeat monitor, preset program, auto stop, shock absorber, smart dock display and wireless internet connectivity are standard features on many treadmills.


Warranty is the vital point of all products. More warranty period means more relaxation. Some foldable treadmill comes with 1 year and some of 2 years. Expect warrant look at matter of servicing and customer care response. Instant solution of any diagnosis is save your time and relief your mind.

Quick checklist to make smart purchasing decisions

  1. Where will my treadmill be placed?
  2. What are the dimensions of the room?
  3. What room will I have it in? Will I ever move it?
  4. What is the weight and size of the treadmill I want to buy?
  5. Is the treadmill already assembled or will I need to assemble it myself?
  6. Once the treadmill is assembled, will you be able to easily move it or will I always require the help of someone else?

Benefits or advantages of folding treadmill

Still you are unable to take decision whether to select a folding or unfolding treadmill?  To make there concept clear again we are mentioning the advantages and disadvantage of folding treadmill below-

The main benefits or advantages of a folding treadmill are:

1) Folding treadmill occupies less space. It can fit at a small area at home, gymnasium or club. Folding your treadmill up or wheeling it out of sight is a great option to have.

2) It makes cleaning easier by just folding it up and you can clean the floor by vacuum cleaner or any other devices.

3) It can be easily transported from one place to another. If you are getting transferred to another place in that can you can easily shift the treadmill by folding up and loading it into your car or truck.

Disadvantages of folding treadmill

In our research on the treadmill test, it was often reported that folding treadmills are not as reliable in terms of stability as non folding treadmills. As the collapsible treadmills have a joint more than static devices, this additional joint may negatively affect the stability. Even if you are continually doing folding and unfolding or moving the treadmill one place to another, then it may effect life span of the treadmill.


Can you run on a folding treadmill?

When many people think of a fold-up treadmill, they think of a space-saving machine that’s perfect for apartments, small rooms, offices or any other place with limited room. It’s a fold up treadmill that’s great for walking or running on.

Are folding treadmills worth it?

Because the tread can turn to dread if you look at it too long. A treadmill can be a great cardio machine, but it can also take up serious real estate—that’s why a folding treadmill can be a great option. When it folds upright, you can stow your treadmill a closet or in a corner.

Do folding treadmills have incline?

Yes some model having incline option along with LCD monitor that displays your speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse and incline level.

What should I look for in a folding treadmill?

A folding treadmill may seem like a good option, but it will still occupy space when folded. Other considerations you should know that some models are much easier to fold, unfold, and move. Please go through the above guide article.

How to move a folding treadmill?

First adjust the treadmill so that it assumes the lowest possible incline, then fold hand rail frame to minimum level and drag it with the help of wheel.

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