If you are planning about purchasing an air cooler rather than an air conditioner, you’ve come to the right place. Fighting the summer is kind of troublesome and uneasiness. Shopping for cooling system or Air Cooler is incredibly sensible choices within the summer. Choosing the proper air cooling device is very confusing, as each Air conditioner and Air coolers have pros and cons. I hope this article (Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner)  can assist you to determine the exact air cooler for you. In the ongoing debate of air conditioners Vs air coolers, we tend to list down few necessary point that may supply a transparent plan of why you must take an air cooler.

Comparison Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner:-

1) Quality of Air

Have you ever questioned, concerning however an AC or an air cooler functions and the way will it have an effect on the quality of air in your home?
An air conditioner system circulates the inner air of the area over and yet again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and flown the cool air in room. Also, air cooler doesn’t create the air too dry like an air conditioner does. So much so, that the air circulated from an air cooler is preferred for individuals with respiratory illness or mud hypersensitivity reaction.

2) The Eco-friendly Route

Pollution is gradually increasing all over the world day by day. Air Cooler has the trump card to Go Green compare to air conditioner.  Air conditioners use CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) and HFC (hydro-chlorofluorocarbons) as their refrigerant, which is effectively harmful to the environment. As the air cooler uses water to cool the air inside room, so it is more eco friendly.

3) Easy Installation & Portable

Installing equipments or machines are complicated and time consuming. You need to have skilled workers or professionals to do that task. In that incense air cooler requires no installation and air conditioner requires installation.

Whether you have a window AC or a split AC, both can’t be moved from one place to another as they are fixed to wall. On the other hand, air coolers can be shift into anywhere in your home . Many of the air coolers also come with castors wheel and trolley, which makes it more convenient to move them around from one room to another. 

4) Maintenance

Maintenance is another point you should keep in your mind before buying any Air conditioner or air cooler. Water is the main refrigerant to cool air in your room. You have to fill water in there tank and need to check the water level time by time depends on your uses manually. But in air conditioner you don’t have to face this issue. Because it does not requires filling water or any other refrigerant time by time. So air conditioner is friendlier to human comfort.

5) Space and Power Consumption

Power consumption is the vital point of your monthly budget. Air conditioners are fetching lot of electricity which led to increase your electricity bills. But with air coolers, you can cut down the costs of monthly expenses by up to 80% and even can save environment indirectly!

6) Climate

Air coolers don’t really work properly in humid climates because of their designed and technology. But air conditioners are quite favorable in humid conditions. The best part is that you can even heat up the rooms during winters since in some air conditioner having heating element in their functionality and design.

7) Price

Every comparison get final decision after the deciding the major point price. In the term of price, the price of air cooler is very less than air conditioner. Air cooler price start from around 2000Rs to 20000Rs and air condition price start from 20000Rs to 1 lakhs. If you have low budget then choose air cooler or else choose air conditioner.


So, as you can see that air coolers definitely have their own place among-st us and have effective impression in world market. They are equipped with some modern features like silent operation, remote control, multiple speed settings. Even it is digitally enhanced and aesthetically pleasing to fit right in.

It is up-to you which is better AC or air cooler. We have shared this article about the Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner and it may help you to choose the in-between air cooler and air conditioner.