9 Best submersible pump for agriculture

In agriculture system applications, a submersible pump is a turbine pump close-coupled to a water-tight electric engine, which remove requirement of the lengthy drive shaft and bearing retainers compare to a profound well turbine pump.

The pump is over the motor and water enters the pump through a screen between the pump and motor. Since submersible motors are more modest in width, they are lower proficiency than those utilized for centrifugal or deep-well turbine pumps.

The motor may overheat or wear out if the dissemination of water past the motor is limited or lacking. The length of riser pipe should be sufficient to keep the bowl get together and engine lowered consistently. Likewise, the well packaging should be sufficiently huge to permit water to flow past the motor.

Submersible pumps utilized for water system should have three-phase electrical force and wiring from the pump to the surface should be watertight with all associations fixed.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is submersible pump?
  2. Type of submersible pump
  3. How does a submersible pump works?
  4. Best submersible pump for agriculture
  5. Buying guide of submersible pump
  6. Advantage and disadvantage of submersible pump
  7. Pump Sizing for Efficient Irrigation
  8. FAQs

What is submersible pump?

A submarine siphon is an impenetrable fixed engine close-coupled to the pump body and running under the water. The fundamental benefit of this sort of pump is that an issue related with a high rise (contrast among pump and liquid surface), forestalls pump cavitation and never requires any exertion of preparing as the entire gathering is lowered in the liquid. Submersible pumps burn-through less energy to move water into the pump, the water pressure drives the water into a submersible pump, accordingly “saving” a ton of the pump’s energy.

Type of submersible pump

All irrigation pumps have three main components a motor that drives the pump, an impeller that spins around pushing water from the inlet at the center of the impeller away from it and a diffuser which is a casing around the impeller that collects the moving water and moves it to the outlet. Out of the plethora of pump options listed in a typical pump catalog, there are relatively few that are used in irrigation systems. Before going into specifics let’s take a brief moment to talk about the different kinds of pumps used in irrigation applications.

The kind of submersible pump is openwell submersible pump and borewell submersible pump. In both submersible pumps both the motor and the impeller are placed below the water. The motor spins the impeller or impellers in the diffuser and this forces water up a pipe and into the irrigation system.  In order to choose right type of pump you’ll need to know what and where your water source is.

If your water source is well the most common type of pump used is an openwell submersible pump. If the well deeper upto 25 feet you can use open well effectively. For bore well situations a submersible pump is lowered down the pipe and submerged into the water at the bottom of the well where it pushes water to the surface and into the irrigation system. For water source is deeper than 25 feet you will have to use a submersible pump.

How does a submersible pump works?

Read this article to know more “Best Submersible Pump for Borewell”.

Best submersible pump for agriculture

Submersible pumps are effective way to fulfill water needs in agriculture land. It has more power, more flow rate and even it is safe to install in agriculture land. I have mentioned best selected submersible pump for agriculture below.

1) Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1HP With Control Panel Single Phase, Multicolor

1hp submersible pump for agriculture
Rating= 4 Star

Kirloskar is the popular brand in india that arrangements with significant devices and equipment. Kirloskar pump is one of the items from this brand. This strong pump is made with stainless steel material. This productive pump has a force limit of 1 hp and Speed: 2880 rpm. It comes with the capacity of 10 to 350 LPM; Input voltage range 180 to 240 volts single phase, Motor: Oil filled and fitted with ball bearing, Head range: 16-85 meter, Stage: 13 rating, Outlet size: 32 mm, Winding: copper.

It burns lesser measures of energy with compared to different items in the comparable class. We can without much of a stretch submerse this pump in water. The conservative size and lightweight are the fundamental features of this item. The product dimension is 65.5 x 28.7 x 24.6 Centimeters (LxWXH) and Item Weight 19.48 Kilograms. You will get this pump with control panel and 1 year warranty. Chiefly this pump is utilized in regions like agriculture, nurseries, garden and farmhouses. All activity of this siphon can be constrained by a control board.


  • Well works on low voltage
  • Fills a 1000 litrs tank in 15 min. from a depth of approx. 180 m
  • Value for money
  • Use friendly panel board
  • Excellent performance and good quality


  • Not identical

2) V-Guard Submersible Pump 1HP 10 Stage with Digital Control Panel

v guard agriculture pump
Rating= 4.5 Star

V-Guard is a famous brand in Electronics, a unique range of thoughtfully-engineered product which is designed to provide simplified solutions to your life. It has power of 1.HP Single Phase, 10 Stage Submersible Pump. It comes with Motor: POWERFUL Motor 100% COPPER WINDING and Oil Filled Type Motor. This Submersible is Suitable to install for minimum 4 inch (100mm ) diameter Bore well, and even can be installed in 5 inch, 6 inch bore well also with Discharge Size: 32mm. Use only for Pumping Clean and Clear Water, for agriculture and Domestic Purpose.

This Submersible pump is a Full Stainless Steel Product and Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 36 x 32 x 36 cm; 20 Kilograms. Designed to Pump Water efficiently Maximum Flow Rate 65 Liters Per Minute, 10 stage Pump can Work up to height of 65 meters( APPROX 215 FEET). It has also contained a Non Return Valve to avoid return flow. This Pump can be used for agriculture Domestic, Households, farmhouse and Overhead Tank water pumping purpose. Package Content: 1 nos Submersible pump, Digital Control Panel: 1 unit and 1 year manufacturing warranty.


  • Excellent motor very powerful
  • It is purely covered with stainless steel and it is lite weight product.
  • Working continuously on a low voltage


  • Not identical

3) KOEL By Kirloskar Submersible Pump 1.5 HP

koel agriculture pump
Rating=5 Start

KOEL offers a scope of great submersible pump for a wide range of employments. Each pump is planned with no-compromise innovation and material, to offer no-compromise execution. KOEL submersible pump can be utilized in the accompanying applications: Water pumping for agriculture, multi-celebrated structures, private and business foundations Drip and sprinkler water system in nurseries, nurseries and ranger service General Reason public water supply.

It has Head Range of 11-95 (M); Flow Range: 10-60 (LPM); Outlet Size: 32 (MM). The motor is 99.9% copper winding and Water Filled. It comes with Reliable performance with superior hydraulic design, dynamically balanced rotors and impellers & Motor with greater efficiency of impellers 24X7 helpline for any assistance with replaceable warranty.


  • Builds up good pressure
  • High flow rate
  • Suitable for agriculture and building.


  • Not found

4)TEXMO Stainless Steel Single Phase Submersible Pump 1 HP 10 Stage for 100 mm Borewell

texmo agriculture pump
Rating= 4.5 Star

Texmo Submersible Pump is a profoundly productive device for different machines that require a siphon to work. This pump is made of rust confirmation sturdy fired shaft. The engine lowers totally into the water as it is water safe. It has Ceramic Material and Item Dimensions is LxWxH 80 x 20 x 13 Centimeters.

Completely Submersible Motor, Rust free Ceramic Shaft, Water resistant and Easy to install & handle Compact size and Portable. Texmo Single Phase 1 HP Submersible Borewell Pump has Flow Range-41-10 LPM, Head Range-10.3-42 Meter, Phase-1, Power Rating-1 HP and 0.75 kW. Warranty as per manufacturer’s warranty policy.


  •  High performance
  • Rust free Ceramic Shaft
  • Suitable for agriculture and building.


Not found

5) Kirloskar KOSi-135 4 Star HP Openwell Submersible Pump

agriculture pump open well
Rating= 4 Star

Kirloskar KOSi-135 Openwell Submersible Pump is used inside well in agriculture land to supply water in agriculture. The pump is energy efficiency and it has CED – Cathode Electro Deposition Coating. It has dynamically balanced rotating parts, Lightweight, compact and powerful. The pump has 1 hp power, Discharge Range: Up to 9.7 LPS, Total head: 30 metres, Max flow rate: 132 lpm, pipe size: 25mm x 25mm. The Power Ratings: 0.37 to 1.5 kW (0.5 to 2 HP) and Voltage Range: 160 to 240 Volts (Single Phase).

It is durable and comes with Insulation: B-Class ; Protection: IP68. The maintenance of open well submersible pump is easy and budget friendly compare to borewell submersible pump. Product Dimensions is 32 x 34 x 30 cm and Weight is14 kg. The pump is used in Gardening and small farm irrigation, domestic and community water supply, construction site, water supply to overhead tanks, and more.


  • Good product having high performance
  • The delivery of water is more than expected
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • Valure for money


Power cable is little bit short only 3 meters.

6) Euro Molten | 1Hp Open Well Submersible Pump

best agriculture water pump
Rating = 4.5 Star

Euro Pumps High Quality Water Pumps are designed to keep going long clinging to exacting Quality assembling principles. Made of 100% copper winding’s motor, these 1hp Open well submersible pumps are exceptionally energy effective and amazing. Euro 1 Hp Open Well Pumps are made of excellent Raw materials and are engineered flawlessly by profoundly qualified experts understanding your Water pumping needs.

The other features of the pump are High Head range works Upto 90 feet, Made of High Quality Noryl Impeller & Tefflon Based thrust Bearings, Made of SS 410 Shaft for High Durability. The Item Weight is 15 kg and Item Dimensions (LxWxH) ‏40 x 30 x 20 Centimeters. The package Included Components 1nos Water Pump, 1nos Bend House with strainer, 1nos Control Panel, 5mtr 1.5sq mm Cable. Even company is giving 2 years of warranty.


  • The pump is really solid and looks fantastic 
  • Worth for the money
  • 1000ltr tank filled in 9 mins


 Power cable is little bit short only 5 meters.

7) V Guard Stainless Steel 1.5HP 12 Stage Submersible Pump with Digital Control Panel

1.5 hp kriloskar agriculture pump
Rating = 4 Start

V Guard 1.5 HP Single Phase, 12 Stage Submersible Pump is Suitable for least 4 inch breadth Bore well, and can likewise be introduced in 5 inch, 6 inch bore well moreover. Utilize just for Pumping Clean and Clear Water, for Agriculture and Domestic Purpose. This Submersible pump is made of Full Stainless Steel Rust Free Product and Compact size and Light weight. The pump Intended to Pump Water productively, 12 phase Pump can Work up to 82 meters( APPROX 270 FEET). The 100% copper Motor is loaded up with Food Grade Parafin Oil, that guarantees, Cooling of engine while nonstop Working and Can withstand Wide Voltage fluctuations(160- 240v) with Low Energy Consumption.

This Product is furnished alongside a Compatible Control Panel that is utilized to START/STOP the engine. Energy Efficient Motor that utilities just negligible energy and guarantees most extreme productivity. Accompanies against rubbing metal balls that guarantee long lasting grease. Contains a Non Return Valve to keep away from bring stream back.  The Product Dimensions is 90 x 95 x 115 cm; 18 Kilograms. This Pump can be utilized for Domestic, Households, farmhouse and Overhead Tank water pumping reason. V-guard is constantly dedicated to Quality and Excellence. The package contains 1nos Digital Control Panel Specially Designed for Low Voltage Operations, Submersible pump 1 Set. The company offers Warranty 1 Year on this pump.


  • The pump is really solid and looks fantastic 
  • Good quality
  • 2000 ltrs got filled by 19 minutes
  • Value for money


 Not found

8) CRI Pumps Stainless Steel Submersible Pump set

cri submersible agriculture pump
Rating = 3.5 Star

C.R.I 100mm (4″) sub pump sets are worked with thermoplastic impellers, diffusers and inbuilt check valve. All crucial segments of these pump sets are made of erosion safe thermoplastic and the shaft is of ss 304/410. Pump sets are multistage radiating sort. The ideal plan of impellers and diffusers empowers the most ideal water driven productivity.

The pump set is immovably coupled to a sub electric engine which works lowered underneath the outside of water. All mounting measurement of these pump sets and motor upto 2hp are as per nema standard. Voltage: 200-240v single phase, 380-415v 3 phase. The head range of the pump is 564 feet and capacity is 20 ltrs per hours. The product Dimensions is 32 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm and 3 kg. It is a 2hp agriculture water pump.


  • Pump working fine with good pressure
  • Material quality is good
  • Value for money


 Not found

9) Coral V-6 S.S. Submersible Pump, Submersible Motor

top submersible pump for agriculture

CORAL Submersible Pumps Rajkot (Gujarat) India is a one of the Leading Manufacturer of Submersible Pumps and Spares. Coral was set up in the year 2008 with the mean to furnish individuals of india sub pump with incredible quality. Coral Pumps is probably the quickest maker of V3 Submersible Pump. V4 Submersible Pump, V6 Submersible Pump and Openwell Pumps sets in Gujarat, India.

It has power of 5hp, Stage-10, Head Range:- 150-20 Meter, Discharge Range:- 55-200 Liter per Minute,Outlet-2 Inch. The Product Dimensions of the pump is 40 x 20 x 15 cm. It is a 5hp agriculture water pump.


  • Generate high flow water 
  • Suitable for agriculture or industry those looking for high power
  • Promising product from coral


Not found

Buying guide of submersible pump

There are many parameters to look at before buying submersible pump for agriculture, so that you can choose proper one according to your needs. Read this article to know more “Best Submersible Pump for Borewell”.

Advantage and disadvantage of submersible pump


  • Can be used in deep wells
  • Priming not needed
  • Can be used in crooked wells
  • Easy to install in case of open well
  • High flow rate
  • Reducing chances of theft, in case borewell pump
  • Reduced pump operation noise.


  • More expensive than monoblock and centrifugal pump
  • Only electric can be used.
  • Difficult to install, in case of bore well
  • Maintenance cost is high in case of bore well
  • Water movement past motor required.

Pump Sizing for Efficient Irrigation

Selecting and sizing of submersible pump depends on these factors.

  • Water source: On based on the water source you can select centrifugal, jet, booster and submersible pump.
  • Power: Source of power available 120v or 220v and single or three phase.
  • Location of pump: it’s there a place to mount the pump or does the location require a submersible.
  • Water quality require filtratio .
  • Flow rate: making sure that there is enough flow GPM to feed the largest zone.
  • Pressure: making sure that there is enough pressure PSI at the sprinkler at the end of the run.
  • Friction loss: -Changes in elevation.
    • – Loss through pipe, fittings and valves.
  • Suction Life

Above all that we’ll need to calculate the two crucial numbers for correctly sizing the pump – the flow rate and the pressure. For the flow rate you’ll need to know the flow rate in GPM of the largest zone in the system or if more than one zone will be running at a time the maximum flow rate that the system will use at any one time.

For the pressure you’ll need to know the pressure that’s needed at the sprinklers to operate the system. For a quick reference in a residential system rotors typically require 50 psi, rotary nozzles sprinklers typically require 40 psi, fixed sprays typically require 30 psi, drip irrigation zones usually require 30 psi as well on high pressure systems a pressure reducer is used to pressure down.

You’ll need to know the friction loss between the locations of the pump and the sprinkler with the greatest pressure loss. This includes things like changes in elevation between the pump and the highest point in the irrigation system and friction loss encountered in pipes fittings and valves.

Finally you’ll need to know about the water pressure or elevation of the water coming into the pump. This can be one of two different things the pressure coming into the system if it is connected to the city water. The height of the pump above the water level of a well or body of water which is called suction lift.

Calculating Flow

Before choosing submersible pump, you should calculate the amount of water to be applied during the peak period by multiplying the amount of water with the size of the field in inches. The result is measured in gallons per minute (gpm).

For example, to grow rice on a 10-acre field using water from a bore well, a pump with highest efficiency at 500 gpm could pump for 24 hours per day. However, by considering for system downtime and power cost windows, a larger pump will always be preferable, and a runtime of the pump between 12 and 18 hours per day.

If the pump’s runtime per day is 12-hour chosen, the pump must be able to pump double the amount—1,048 gpm. Using the curve in Figure 1, the maximum efficiency one submersible pump can provide 1,048 gpm. The calculation for water used by the crop and water loss is:

ETp × Kc = 0.5 × 1 = 0.5 inch per day


Evapotranspiration potential (ETp) in the area for rice = 0.5 inch per day

Crop efficiency (Kc) = 1

Assume that irrigation efficiency is 80 percent. Now the required amount per day is:

0.5 / 80 × 100 = 0.62 inch per day

With 1 acre inch of water equaling 27,000 gallons, the water needed per acre is:

27,000 × 0.62 inch = 16,740 gallons

A 100-acre field, therefore, requires 1,674000 gallons of water per day, or converted to gallons per minute, the amount required is: 1,674000 / 24 x 60 =1,162 gpm

Calculating Head

An irrigation pump has to overcome the following four elements of pressure:

  • Pressure required for the application devices (such as sprinklers, spray heads and drippers)
  • Friction loss from the piping system, pipes, screens, valves, elbows and tees
  • Elevation lift
  • Suction lift

For a deep-well pump, such as a vertical turbine pump or a submersible, another consideration is the drawdown of the static water level. The static water level is defined as the depth to water when no water is being pumped from the well.


Q- Which submersible pump is best for agriculture?

Please read the above article to know about best submersible pump for agriculture.

Q- Which is the best submersible pump for agriculture in India?

Please read the above article to know about best submersible pump for agriculture.

Q- How to calculate the Efficiency of the Pump?

Calculating the overall efficiency of the pump is a must before selecting any irrigation pump. The electricity consumption depends on how many kW required to run the motor.

This is the simple formula to calculate the efficiency:

Efficiency% = Q * H / 3.67 * P1

Q = water flow measured in m3/h

H = head pressure measured in meters

P1 = the kW of the motor

Point to be noted that your pump must do more than delivering water to the pipes.

Q- Which pump is used for agriculture?

Water is exceptionally fundamental for productive cultivating. Regularly such water is found in different sources like Borewells, Ponds, Wells, Streams, and Rivers. Water pump machine is the best methods for lifting water from these sources. There are various sorts of pump accessible. Picking the right sort of pump relies on the attractions lift and conveyance head.

Centrifugal water pump is most generally utilized for horticulture purposes, it’s anything but a turning machine in which an impeller pivots inside a packaging, attracts the fluid at its middle, and tosses out the fluid through an opening along the edge of the packaging because of outward power.

Q -What type of pump is best for irrigation?

There are many factors to consider to choose the type of pump for irrigation.

Q- What size submersible pump do I need for irrigation?

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Q- What is the agriculture submersible pump price list?

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