5 Best OTG for Grilling

In this era wherever technology is consistently advancing, the priority permanently style has continuously been on the increase with additional preparation appliances finding their means into the market a day. However take care of health has conjointly followed suit. An OTG oven appliance is an honest choice for you if you wish to experiment together with your preparation and baking skills. The electrical gadgets have insulated chambers that bake, grills, toasts, and dry ingredients. The appliances are multi-functional and may prepare a large vary of meals for you. We’ve reviewed five 5 best OTG for grilling / baking ovens to assist you create a sound call, therefore it most closely fits your daily style.

5 Best OTG for Grilling

OTG is the best choice of proficiency for grilling and baking. After considering customer feedback and research, we have listed 5 best OTG for grilling/baking in below.

1. Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

Eight superb decades! Bajaj Electricals is one in every of the oldest firms and OTG brand that has been dedicatedly operating towards innovations that modify human life. With a business portfolio that spans across myriad verticals – right from client product (Appliances, Fans, Lighting) to EPC (Illumination, Power Transmission and Power Distribution), we tend to even have a powerful presence in premium household appliance and kitchen utensil segments, with brands like Morphy I. A. Richards and Nirlep.

This OTG comes with a storage capability of 16 liters is compact to suit anyplace in your room and suitable for 3-5 people. The stainless-steel powder coated body and cavity material makes this machine long lasting and rust free. This OTG comes with five Accessories: Grill receptacle, Baking receptacle, Crumb Tray, Skewer rods, pair of tongs for baking/ grill receptacle. With a 60-minute timer, this OTG permits you to regulate your preparation needs. The built-in timer sends you a notification alert once the preparation method is complete.

Bajaj Majesty has capability of Baking, Grilling and toasting recipes. It required power of 1200 Watts and has 1 year o warranty. This one of the best OTG oven in India 2020.


  • It gives professional baking.
  • Very light and can easily be carried around
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Value for money


  • No accessories accompanied with the oven

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2. Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Perfect cakes when, Optic temporary worker Technology for healthy hand-crafted change of state, Philips OTG is enabled with ten custom-made one bit gift menus and programmed with Optic temporary worker technology for healthy and joyful change of state. 

This permits up to 100 percent higher nutrient retention and up to 2x crispier cookies and uniformly baked cakes, style with nutrition: Optic temporary worker Technology, One bit ten gift menu, selection change of state, professional results: Multi useful modes, alphanumeric display panel, Accessories for multi change of state, simple to use: ninety minutes machine cut-off, Chamber lightweight.

Helps in even distribution of heat resulting in uniform browning of cakes & breads which is perfect for cakes for every time. Toast to perfection- Improves flavor by reducing moisture and giving perfect crispiness. Grill & stay healthy- Uses little or no oil while cooking homemade delicacies. 

The Opti-Temp Technology ensures uniform cooking of the ingredients with the benefit of optimum browning, better crispiness. It has specially designed knobs to experience the ease & comfort while cooking. The chamber light makes it easy to monitor the food being cooked. Philips is the best brand for oven toaster griller in India.


  • Digital controls are handy, minimum temperature variation is 5C against non-digital OTG where it is10C.
  • Inbuilt cooking modes is useful and makes it easy and convenient.
  • Inbuilt light is useful to have a peek without opening the door.
  • Timer can be set to maximum 60 minutes, even after the timer is started can be paused in between to change timer or modes settings.


  • Although body of oven seems well made the external knobs feel smooth.
  • Major disappointment is the handle part that turns hot when oven is hot, to a point where it cannot be held bare handed.
  • Baking tray that came along seems not of good quality, not too bad but I will like that to replace in near future.

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3. Borosil Prima 30 L OTG

Borosil Prima 30 L OTG

Famous for quality and performance, the borosil pour experience into creating beautifully designed, practical products like our range. Specially designed keeping your needs in mind, the oven toaster griller makes whatever you’re doing simpler, smarter and better. As dependable as they are desirable, you can trust the borosil products always to perform outstanding.

The borosil prima has Feather touch control 6 preset menus, Functions include convection, rotisserie, grill, bake and toast.

Its convection function ensures faster and uniform heating. The Motorized rotisserie is used for uniform grilling. Adjustable temperature control 60° – 230°c and Upto 90 time adjustment. It ahs removable crumb tray which is easy to clean and chamber is Illuminated. The capacity is 38 liters, having 2 year warranty on product. and power consumption 1500 watts.Includes: Oven toaster griller, Rotisserie rod set, Cooking Tray and handle , Grill Rack, Removable Crumb Tray, Rotisserie Handle , 1N IM and 1N recipe book. This is may consider as a best OTG with rotisserie in India.


  • Look awesome
  • Nicely baked and soft
  • The settings are easy and convenient


  • Cord Length could have been made little longer

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4. AGARO Marvel 25-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

AGARO Marvel 25-Litre Oven Toaster

Agaro is a result of extensive R and D by a team of international experts committed to bring you a range of kitchen appliances that are feature rich and offer great value with lasting results. Agaro Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) helps to prepare delicious foods through baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie. 

It has a capacity of 25 litres with a powerful 1600 watt heater. The 0-60 minutes timer function automatically stops and rings a ready bell once the cooking is complete. The OTG has a glass door along with a illuminated chamber which allows you to view the food while being cooked. It is easy to clean and durable.

5 Stage heating gives you a host of Options-The AGARO OTG comes with a 5-stage Heating that is suited to all your baking, toasting and grilling needs. These are Top Heating I Bottom Heating I Top & Bottom Heating I Rotisserie with Bottom Heating I Rotisserie with Top & Bottom Heating. The options are clearly displayed on the Function Knob allowing you to choose the setting of your choice. 

Motorized Rotisserie for lip smacking grills-Enjoy the taste of a delicious fire roasted barbeque from the comfort of your kitchen. The motorized rotisserie gives you that option of “spit roasting” chicken or vegetables. All you need to do to get a delicious chicken or veggie kebab skewer is to string the meat or veggies on the rotisserie rod and place it in the OTG. The circular motion cooks the meat evenly. This is a complete Agaro OTG review.


  • value for money
  • The simplest of operations


  • Tray quality is not upto mark.
  • No crumb tray and convention fan

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5. American Micronic 36 Litre Imported Oven Toaster Griller


The AMERICAN MICRONIC 36 Litre OTG is a powerful, durable and fully functional appliance built to fit right into a contemporary household. It is designed with toughened glass door, four heating elements and an efficient control panel to make your cooking experience pleasant and hassle free.

Transparent Glass Door-This oven is equipped with a glass door that maintains heat, making it efficient to cook. The visual design also allows you to have a look at the food that is being cooked in the OTG. It maintains a constant cooking temperature.

Versatile Temperature Control-The OTG is combined with an adjustable temperature control system and a heating system. You can choose the correct temperature to cook, bake, grill or rotisserie for different cooking operations. It has pre-set modes for a wide range of food recipes.

Timer and Auto Shut Off Function-This OTG comes with an automatic timer switch that sets the device to accurately cook according to the recipe and saves energy. This function shuts down the appliance automatically when the timer is complete.

Versatile Usage-This oven toaster griller can be used to prepare various delicious foods at home. It is used to make cakes, to grill vegetables and to roast meat and vegetables. It will give your kitchen a touch of sophistication


  • Value for money
  • Performance is average


  • Upper thermostat is poor
  • Separate control is given for top and bottom heating element

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OTG Buying Guide

Purchasing the ideal OTG for your kitchen requires you to do your homework correctly. A lot depends on the size of your family. It also depends on whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. Here are some crucial points to note before selecting the perfect oven for your kitchen.

Capacity or Size

The OTG comes in varied sizes. A little family of up to a few persons will want Associate in Nursing OTG with a capability of fifteen to twenty litres, whereas a medium-sized Indian family will select a 30L OTG. If your necessities ar substantial, it’s invariably economical to pick out the 60L OTG.

Usage is vital

OTGs go with or while not a rotisserie. If you propose to use the OTG for baking and preparation easy food, you ought to select associate OTG while not the rotisserie. Professionals and people UN agency would like to arrange barbecue have to be compelled to invest in associate OTG with a rotisserie. Usually, people that like non-vegetarian food choose cooking choices. However, it’s additionally doable to barbecue paneer and vegetables, as well.

The rotisserie is nothing however a steel bar engaged on a motor system to alter excellent cooking. It rotates to confirm uniform distribution of warmth. It comes as a singular accent.People with a eater preference or those that use the OTG for baking functions alone will prefer associate OTG while not the rotisserie.


The capability or size of the OTG determines the scale of the appliance. However, you must make sure that your room has enough area to position your OTG. A vital purpose to notice here is that there ought to be comfortable area before of and at the rear of the OTG to permit free ventilation.

Power Consumption

When compared to a kitchen appliance, the OTG consumes less power. the first reason is that the employment of associate OTG is a smaller amount as compared. A fifteen to 20L OTG can consume around 1200 watts, whereas the larger ones like the 60L OTG will consume up to 2000 watts.


The OTG prices well less as compared to the microwave oven. sensible quality OTGs square measure on the market for as low as Rs 2,900. If you choose for higher options, you’ll purchase OTGs value Rs 14,000, as well. as compared, a regular microwave prices nothing but Rs 8,500.


Usually, all OTGs go with a particular assurance amount. the upper the assurance amount, the higher ought to be the general quality of the appliance. it’s a perfect reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence within the product quality. Now that we’ve passed through the fundamentals, we tend to shall proceed with the options on the market in OTGs.

Features of an OTG

An OTG will go together with varied options counting on the value and usage. an expert would possibly seek for extra options whereas an everyday woman of the house may not want Associate in Nursing OTG with advanced options. Here area unit some customary options out there on OTGs.


Usually, OTGs escort timers that enable you to line timings up to 120 minutes. However, it depends on the complete model. The timer perform is beneficial after you multitask. you’ll be able to set the timer per your needs. The OTG can flip mechanically.

Temperature control

The temperature setting may be a crucial side of the OTG. It depends on the sort of food you would like to arrange. Generally, Associate in Nursing OTG can have a temperature setting within the vary of 500C to 2500C. The temperature management knob helps you to line the specified temperature of the inner chamber.


Depending on the type of OTG, it comes with the following accessories—Baking tray, Crumb tray, grilling rack, Rotisserie, Skewer rod, Pair of tongs,

Mode of operation

  • The baking option ensures that the bottom heating element functions to its complete extend.
  • The convection option entails that both the bottom and top heating element heats you to ensure uniform cooking.
  • The rotisserie option allows the preparation of a barbecue.
  • The mode selector saves you the trouble of adjusting the temperature manually every time.

Difference between OTG and Microwave

The difference between Microwave oven and OTG is depending on some factor like cooking time and cooking proficiency.

Microwave ovens are very useful appliances in kitchen which can reheat, grill and even bake. A convection microwave is more sophisticated than a normal microwave and has many additional features apart from reheating and boiling. It can cook wide range of food like pizza, cake, curry, rice, tea, hot water, chicken grill, muffin etc.

An Oven, Toaster, Grill (OTG) is essentially a smaller version of a traditional oven. OTG Oven uses two coils at the top and bottom which heats food according to temperature and timing. For Grilling you have to heat the top coil of OTG and for normal baking you have to heat both the coils. The thermostat present in the OTGs helps in controlling the temperature which ensures the food is cooked or heated properly. However as compared to convection microwave oven, oven toaster griller is a bit slow when it comes to cooking.

To get the proper knowledge of difference between Microwave oven and OTG, go through this chart of OTG vs Microwave or OTG vs oven.

Property or specification

Convection Microwave Ovens

Oven Toaster and Griller (OTG)

Food preparation time

Takes less time, cooks in minutes because of microwaves

Takes more time as it heats based on traditional heat waves

Pre heating time

At most 5 minutes

About 15 minutes

Power consumption



Auto cook facility

can be done

not possible

Metal vessels

No, metal should not be used in microwave

Yes, metal can be used in OTG


High – starts from 9,000 Rs

Low – starts from 1,500 Rs

Baking quality


Best, uniform baking


Maximum capacity is around 32 liters

Maximum capacity is about 60 liters


Very heavy, it is very difficult to life or move.

Light weight, can be moved very easily

Ease of use

Very easy to configure recipes with LCD display panels

Very difficult. Mechanical controls and confusing settings

Best fit

Multipurpose: reheat, defrost and baking for beginners.

Professional bakers who want top class baking


In conclusion, the 5 best OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) options for grilling provide exceptional performance and versatility for grilling enthusiasts. These OTGs offer a range of features such as adjustable temperature controls, spacious interiors, efficient heating elements, and convenient accessories. Whether it’s preparing succulent meats, juicy vegetables, or delectable desserts, these OTGs excel in delivering even and consistent grilling results. With their user-friendly designs and durable construction, these OTGs make grilling an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. By investing in one of these top-notch OTGs, grilling enthusiasts can elevate their culinary skills and create delicious grilled dishes with ease and precision.

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